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15 stunning viewpoints of Jávea (Costa Blanca)

The municipality of Jávea offers some of the most striking views on the Costa Blanca.

The Costa Blanca offers some of the most emblematic landscapes of the Mediterranean. And among the most remarkable, we cannot miss the viewpoints of the municipality of Jávea (Alicante).

These viewpoints are also known as sea balconies boasting breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding nature.

Are you ready to enjoy the best selfies in Jávea? We encourage you to take a look at the list we have prepared for you.

 1 – Mirador Els Molins

The Mirador Els Molins is the starting point of the route of the viewpoints of Jávea, offering us fantastic views of the municipality. The 11 mills built between the 14th and 18th centuries are still preserved, used to grind wheat and other cereals, taking advantage of the “llebeig” which always blows.

From this point of view, you can descend to the port of Jávea, just over three kilometers away.

2 – Cap de Sant Antoni

From the route we reach Cap de Sant Antoni, a viewpoint with one of the most beautiful sunsets on the coast. This viewpoint separates the municipality of Jávea from the municipality of Dénia, from where you can perfectly observe the bay of Jávea, which is connected to Cape Prim.

Mentioning the sunset and taking that special someone by the hand is amazing, but not before visiting the other viewpoints.

3 – Mirador de la Punta del Arenal

While this is a more humble vantage point, the view of Arenal Beach and the long arm of Cabo Sant Antonio at the bottom of the beach, deserves a spot on the list.

In addition, from this point you can also observe the spectacular figure of Montgó; la espectacular figura del Montgó.

 4 – Mirador de la Séquia de la Nòria

Let’s start with a little bit of history: Did you know that this Belvedere has a canal that was dug over the “Toscar”, that served as an entrance to the sea water in Roman times?

And about the view from the Mirador de la Séquia de la Nòria, we can say that it offers us a very wide and deep view of the Mediterranean Sea. So deep that we can see “flat earthers” in the distance trying to show that the earth is not round.

 5 – Mirador de la Cala Blanca

The name of this viewpoint does not refer to the color tone of the tourists who come to visit Jávea on the first day of vacation, but to the color of the land that surrounds it.

Composed of three spectacular coves with crystal clear waters, although their access seems complicated, it is compensated by its incomparable tranquility. Peace of mind, unless this post goes viral and you all go at the same time. One by one please!

 6 – Mirador de Caletes

From the Mirador de la Cala Blanca, you can access the Mirador de Caletes by a small path.

From this area, the spectacular cliffs of Jávea rises, offering a unique perspective on the sea and the small coves that dot it.

 7 – Mirador de la Creu del Portitxol

Entering the cliffs we find the Mirador de la Creu del Portitxol, the starting point for several hiking routes.

The view offered by this small point of view on the cliffs is incredible, but if you want to go into ecstasy we recommend you Cape Prim. From this point we will have access to one of the quietest coves in Jávea: Cala Sardinera.

 8 – Mirador de l’Illa

Following the route, this viewpoint offers a view of Cala Barraca and the island of Portitxol.

Both from the heights and from the cove, boasting a spectacular view of the Cap Nègre.

 9 – Mirador de Falzia

I know it sounds impossible, but yes the views just keep getting better. The Mirador de Falzia offers us superb panoramic views over the entire coastline. While the views may look similar to the ones above, it’s worth a try. You will see the Instagram feed that you will have if you wander them all.

 10 – Mirador del Cap Negre

In case that it does not seem enough to you, the Mirador del Cap Negre offers a panoramic view of all the points previously mentioned in the post. Here you can enjoy the natural charm of Jávea.

 11 – Mirador de Cap de la Nau

If you think there is nothing whiter than you, then you haven’t been to Mirador del Cap de la Nau. Its white color and the blue of the Mediterranean are the perfect combination to enjoy the best sea views.

There are also bars where you can sit and enjoy the view, while having something to eat and a well deserved beer. What a viewpoint paradise we have!

 12 – Mirador de les Pesqueres

The fishermen of Marina Alta must have managed to fish from the top of the cliffs. For this reason, they built the structures of ropes and reeds that give their name to the Mirador de les Pesqueres.

From this point of view you can enjoy the lighthouse and the urbanizations that approach the coast of Jávea. These urbanizations surely make you fall in love with any home you will never have access to, so add it to this wishlist we all have if we win the lottery.

 13 – Mirador de Ambolo

The Ambolo viewpoint offers an incredible view of one of the most beautiful coves in Jávea, known as the Forbidden Cove. If this tempts you, now it is not the time to be brave, because this cove is closed to the public due to its great detachment danger. You should be pleased to watch it from above (as if that weren’t enough).

 14 – Mirador del Castell de la Granadella

In the Mirador del Castell de la Granadella, in addition to the panoramic views of the immense sea, it allows us to observe the ruins of an ancient castle located in the cove. To get there, you will have to overcome laziness and enjoy a nice walk.

 15 – Mirador de la Granadella

To end the route, we recommend Cala de la Granadella, with one of the most turquoise waters ever and one of the calmest coves on the coast.

The route of the viewpoints of Jávea ends here, we hope you will experience them as much as we do, and above all: enjoy them but always respecting their environment.

Cover image: EBV10 (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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