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3 ideal Triathlete destinations in Spain

Spain owns some of the best Triathlon destinations!

Miles and miles of coastline, the best road bike routes, perfect trails for running while enjoying the scenery…..

Spain has a large number of fanatics who love practicing Triathlon.

Here are three that won’t disappoint you. All offer triathlete events throughout the year, but what if the following destinations were also your next challenge?


Triatlón Mallorca

What can we say about Majorca that we haven’t already said (e.g. in our extensive guide to cycling holidays in Majorca)? 

It is one of the cycling hotspot places par excellence. Every year the roads are filled with keen cyclists with immaculate jerseys and a great desire to explore the island inch by inch. And if we add to that the kilometers of coast accessible to swimming, much more.

Triatlón Mallorca

Long boardwalks on the same coast to experience the bay breeze that hits our faces. Of course, if we want to run in the mountains, there are also countless easily accessible trails.

The island also offers several events for triathletes, with the Challenge Paguera-Mallorca, the IRONMAN of Mallorca and the Porto Colom Triathlon as big headliners. Each of the mentioned events is held in different areas of the island: the Challenge Paguera-Mallorca is held between the municipalities of Calvià and Paguera, the Porto Colom Triathlon is located in the south of the island, and the IRONMAN de Mallorca has traditionally been celebrated in Alcúdia. All of them are challenging and it is difficult to choose one in particular. Of course, if you want to discover the island, you can always opt for one of these three Triathlons (or all three if you’re really up for it). By the way, in any of the aforementioned areas you can easily find specialised accommodation for cyclists with Cycling Friendly certification as well as the best rental bikes in Mallorca.


Lanzarote Triatlón

If we were to put some kind of birthdate to the name of Lanzarote as a Triathlete destination, we would probably have to go back to 1992, just 30 years ago. It was during this golden sporting year, with the celebration of the memorable Olympic Games in Barcelona, that the first edition of Club la Santa IRONMAN de Lanzarote was born, probably one of the most prestigious IRONMAN in Europe.

In fact, it is the oldest Triathlon race and qualifier for the Triathlon World Championship. In this first edition participated 148 athletes, swimming, cycling and marathon in Lanzarote in 1992, they probably never thought of the great and real success of this Triathlon on the island.

Triatlón Lanzarote

As little as we know Lanzarote, we know for sure that we are in front of a unique island, with a perfect lunar landscape to practice all the sports a Triathlon includes. Calm waters, roads in very good condition and miles of trails where you can run and immerse yourself in a sole environment.

Costa Brava

Costa Brava TriatlónThe Costa Brava is located in the pretty region of Girona, and if you do not know the assets of this region, we invite you to visit our guide. The Costa Brava is one of the favorite places for triathletes in Spain: its varied geography, the exceptional condition of the roads, the sea and mountain landscape, the waters that, despite their name should not be scary, on the contrary, they allow us to swim for miles in the calm waters of the Mediterranean, the community of triathletes fully integrated into the region, its great events, its cafeterias and the excellent cuisine in general.

Costa Brava Triatlón

Would you like to discover one of these Triathlon destinations? Remember that in Spain we have many ideal accommodations for athletes to enjoy your Triathlon vacation.

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