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5 magical spots in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is one of the seven Canary Islands. Full of stunning corners, breathtaking history and wonderful people.

Fancy Gran Canaria as your next cycling destination? Do not miss any of the 5 spots that we present below:

1 –  Puerto de Mogán

Puerto de Mogán is one of the most picturesque spots in Gran Canaria. Its streets surrounded by white houses covered with bougainvillea, its people and its amazing beaches make this town a very special place.

Claimed to be a municipality that enjoys one of the best sunny climates in the world. If you are not a postmodern poet you will surely adore it.

Once on the spot, savour the magnificent atmosphere of its streets, and enjoy a restaurant with a Michelin star, Los Guayres. Their magical way of reinterpreting the most classic flavors of the Canarian Cuisine, a unique sensory and culinary experience, which makes them well worthy of this distinction. Different tasting menus at reasonable prices.

5 lugares magicos de gran canaria cycling friendly 001

Image of Bas Wallet

2 – Dunas de Maspalomas

The dunes of Maspalomas are a unique mini desert by the sea on the island of Gran Canaria with a wide variety of ecosystems. The area of the nature reserve of over 400 m consists of sandy mountains, a forest of palm trees, an excellent beach and a brackish lagoon.

If you’re looking for the perfect vacation shot and are a sunset lover, head to the Mirador de las Dunas Maspalomas for a spectacular view and watch how the golden tone of the dunes fades and darkens with shadow. .

5 lugares magicos de gran canaria cycling friendly 002

Dunas de Maspalomas. Image of Carlos Ingala

3 – Roque Nublo

Roque Nublo could perfectly well be the name of the new signing of the INEOS team, but it’s actually a natural rock in the central municipality of Tejeda. Besides being considered one of the largest natural crags in the world, it enjoys the love of its people and is of special importance to the islanders, a pilgrimage point for canarians. The crag of volcanic origin stands at a height of 80 m and is 1,813 m above sea level.

Many writers, painters and musicians have used it as a source of inspiration and the name of this incredible beauty is found in a wide variety of works.

5 lugares magicos de gran canaria cycling friendly 003

Image of Victor R. Ruiz

4 – Teror

Teror is located in the interior in the north of the island of Gran Canaria and is one of the oldest municipalities of the seven Canary Islands. It is certainly one of the most beautiful towns on the island and its history makes it even more attractive, like the appearance of the Virgin Mary on a pine tree, hence the name Virgen del Pino. The houses in the town are a clear example of Canarian architecture, that is, simple, functional and minimalist.

Imagen de Bengt NymanImage of Bengt Nyman

Incredible routes, perfect for cycling para recorrer en bicicleta and enjoying a nice walk, with beautiful views.

The most emblematic and characteristic of Teror is the Basilica del Pino, where the Virgen del Pino, patron saint of Gran Canaria, is buried.           

5 lugares magicos de gran canaria cycling friendly 004

Image La Basílico del Pino. Image of Cristian Bortes

5 – Tejeda

The small town of Tejeda has only 2,000 inhabitants and has been voted one of the most charming towns in Spain. The white color flows through the streets with the typical Canarian houses perched on the mountain.

Located at 1000 m above sea level, a valley of glitzy mountains can be seen all around.

5 lugares magicos de gran canaria cycling friendly 006

Image of Victor R. Ruiz

If you have a sweet tooth, you can’t resist the huge chocolate palms, “dulce de leche”, orange or any other flavor from Dulcería Nublo’s great selection of tasty local pastries.

Cover image from Carlos Ingala.

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