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5 reasons to plan a cycling vacation

Loud and clear: Fancy to experience and plan a cycling vacation at least once in a lifetime!

At this point, you have several options:

  • You googled “cycling vacation” or similar and came across this post. Thank you Google by ranking our post.

  • You noticed our title on social media.

  • A GREAT FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER, very important to you, recommended this article to convince you how cool cycle vacations really are.

However you got there, now it is our duty to convince you how special and unique a cycling holiday is to experience and enjoy a vacation spot.

There is no point in enlarging it for too long, we give you 5 reasons to plan your cycling holiday, although we could give you around 300. Okay, maybe we have overacted a little bit, but we can definitely name you more than 5.

Our reasons for the next step, which is to book …

  1. Cycle vacations for everyone.
  2. Discover a flexible and freeshaped travel destination.
  3. Experience the cycling culture of your travel destination.
  4. Long trips and many spots to savour.
  5. Sustainable tourism.

1. Cycle vacations for everyone 

Vacaciones con amigos en bicicleta

Trending is to assume that planning a cycling holiday is only possible for a few, the exclusive domain of those who spend their weekends exploring their city and millions to improve their bicycle.

On the other hand, the benefit of a cycling vacation is the wide range of planning options. We can choose more affordable or more complex routes. We can choose to cycle daily or alternate with other activities. We can choose very long routes or a short part of our day on the bike.

To bear in mind the opinion of the people with whom we are preparing our vacation: a family cycling holiday with more affordable routes, in a group, as a couple, with strangers, alone …

What could be better than going on a great cycling tour with our friends and remembering it for years to come? In Majorca, the Mallorca 312 (one of the most crowded in the world), in Gran Canaria the La Titánica Challenge, in Tarragona La Mussara …

Can you imagine?

Either way, you can always find the plan that best suits your needs. For example, if you are not an expert cyclist, you can always choose to take guided bike tours. 

By adding e-bikes, which you can easily rent at major cycling destinations, cycling is becoming increasingly accessible.

2. Discover a flexible and free shaped travel destination

Mallorca en Bicicleta

Cycle holidays are not only suitable for all target groups, but are also a fairly flexible way to discover a place. On a route, you don’t necessarily have to stop at sites listed as must-see in travel guides, but at spots that really grab your attention.

Moreover, you don’t rely on vehicle access restrictions or parking options, which can happen in some of the iconic mountain passes. For example, the Formentor lighthouse in Majorca restricts access to motor vehicles for several months of the year.

If you choose to explore the city by an urban bike, it will be easier for you to discover and stop comfortably wherever you want. Keep in mind that, especially in the case of large cities, restrictions on car access have increased over the years, and bicycles are a good way to get to the more remote parts of the city.

The freedom that cycling gives you is also due to the fact that you are not conditioned by transport schedules. You decide when you start and stop, where you want to relax and where not. When you want to eat and when you continue to cycle.

3. Experience the cycling culture of your travel destination

5 razones para planificar unas vacaciones en bicicleta cycling friendly 002

Regardless of your fitness level, from the moment you hop on your bike to cycle a route to your favourite destination, you are clearly a cyclist.

This means that the way you observe everything around you changes drastically. You will notice details that would otherwise go unnoticed. It is said that exercise boosts our way of thinking and becomes a source of ideas circulating in our brains. Perhaps this is why, when we combine cycling and vacation, we see and feel a lot more of the environment around us.

Watch the glance of those conquering a mountain pass by bicycle versus the tourist by car. While some are more concerned with the best shot, those who have put in a physical effort are smiling, breathing quickly as they take in the scenery around them. They will also take their favourite picture, but when they feel less anxious and more relaxed.

Besides, you won’t feel lonely. A crossing of greetings with every cyclist you meet along your way, a brief nod and a smile with which you convey so much: this bike ride is awesome, what an amazing route, I have already cycled 100 kilometers and I’d love to cycle many more, why haven’t I thought of that before.

And the coffee stops! We feel united when we noisily barge into a coffee shop with the clicking of cleats, our old-fashioned sunglasses and colorful sweaters…

When you cycle on your next trip, you will automatically become uno di noi.

4. Long trips and many spots to savour

5 razones para planificar unas vacaciones en bicicleta cycling friendly 004

Especially if you choose a road bike cycling trip, the ability to do long distances is relatively easy even without being an elite super athlete elite.

This allows you to visit far more sights than you can even imagine. From historic places to viewpoints, pastry shops, wineries, cafes or restaurants, everything will be close at hand if you get around by bike.

And remember: riding on two wheels means more kilometers during the day, view more sights and above all you arrive much hungrier at the restaurant where you eat or dine… ¡The calories you can burn on a cycling vacation!

5. Sustainable tourism

Vacaciones Sostenibles en Bicicleta

Planning a cycling vacation is a responsible way to travel. Cycling to your favorite destination minimizes environmental impact. In addition, the seasonality of the destination in which cycling holidays are typically planned often coincides with low occupancy seasons, which helps avoid gentrification problems.

For now, unless Elon Musk succeeds, we only have one planet to inhabit and enjoy. And responsible tourism should become a requirement when planning our next destination.

And here are the 5 reasons to experience a cycling trip. And to make the right decision, we can help you choose your accommodation, find the perfect bike, or providing routes in your cycling destination.

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