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5 reasons to stay in a cycling accommodation

Why is staying in cycling accommodations worth your time?

Certainly there are a few reasons, but here are 5 that will probably convince you to book your next cycling getaway in cycling-friendly accommodations.

5 convincing reasons…

  1. Never worry about bike storage
  2. Bicycle rental at the same accommodation
  3. Experience the cycling atmosphere you’re looking for from the first minute
  4. Start routes from the front door of the accommodation
  5. Don’t drag a whole tool kit to tune up your bike

1. Never worry about bike storage

Portblue Pollentia

In hotels like the PortBlue Club Pollentia Resort & Spa, you won’t have to worry about space to store your bike…

One of the basic elements of specialized cycling accommodations is their bicycle storage. Many surprise you with their size and functionality, so you don’t have to take up space in the room to leave your bike. These bicycle storages meet all the requirements so that you can store them with full guarantee.

2. Bicycle rental at the same accommodation

Hotel Cap Negret

Hotel Cap Negret is one of the accommodations located on the Costa Blanca with the most cycling atmosphere.

If you don’t want to take your bike on every trip, renting is always a good option. Accommodation for cyclists is often associated with bicycle rental services, which can be booked at the hotel reception. You can also choose to pre-book with us and have it delivered to the same accommodation where you are staying. Easy, isn’t it?

3. Experience the cycling atmosphere you are looking for from the first minute

Hotel Don Pancho

This is the cycling atmosphere of the Don Pancho hotel.

Talking about accommodation for cyclists is talking about a lively bustling community. If, in addition to enjoying a cycling holiday, you also like to meet people who share the same passion, then cycling hotels are a good opportunity. There are countless shared stories, new friendships… and who knows love from the shared passion for cycling.

4. Start routes from the front door of the accommodation

Rocacorba - Girona

Rocacorba, in Girona, one of the busiest climbs.

Accommodations for cyclists are strategically located in destinations with a variety of cycling routes in quantity and quality. It’s worth enjoying some of the best climbs without the heavy transfers by car or van.

5. Don’t drag a whole tool kit to tune up your bike

Cycling Center

The Steigenberger Hotel & Resort Camp de Mar in Mallorca is one of the Cycling Friendly Gold accommodations where you can tune up your bike.

A poorly adjusted handlebar or a loose or incorrectly-height saddle can cause more than a headache during a route and the discomfort of not being completely at ease on a bike. Fortunately, cycling accommodations have their own tool station to tune up the bike before a route. And at the end of the route, if you are a fan of muddy trails, you will appreciate the bike wash station of some of these accommodations. All in all, the bicycle will be pristine both when leaving and when returning.

And… have we convinced you? Take the opportunity to discover some of the cycling accommodations in idyllic locations such as Girona, Costa Blanca, Mallorca or Tenerife.

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