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5 tips to care for your cycling gear

Tired of buying cycling gear? Here are 5 tips to make it last longer.

Technical clothing consists of very special fabrics, designed to remove sweat odors, provide comfort, prevent chafing and ensure that the garment adapts perfectly to the cyclist’s body. If we don’t take care of all this technology, you will say goodbye to your cycling clothing after a short time, so here are 5 tips for fresher and long lasting cycling gear.

1. Use a neutral soap, never fabric softener

Fabric softeners considerably reduce the foam on the chamois of our culottes. They can also create oil microspheres that clog the pores of technical fabrics. Fabric softener ruins all the expensive tech we’ve already paid for, so thanks because we just kept you from looking deep in your wallet.

2. Avoid smelly clothing, wash after every use

Sweat, mud and other elements ruin clothes, plus bacteria will be present. The best way to take care of your clothes is to NOT let toxins destroy the fabric, so wash smelly and sweaty items right after wearing them.

3. Use washing programs of maximum 30º C

Heat and technical fabrics are not best friends. Heat loses properties and even make shrink technical clothing, so choose a program that does not exceed 30° C. If possible, if you are not too lazy, give it a cold hand wash.

4. Short programs for delicate clothing and a gentle cycle

We already know that there is no overtime today, so if you decide to torture your cycling clothes in a washing machine, at least do so in short programs for delicate clothes and gentle cycle.

 5. Air dry, but without direct sunlight

The best way to dry your cycling clothes is to dry them outside, but beware of the sun … “Lorenzo” blurs colors, acts against rubber and silicone, making our clothes age much earlier. You might be thinking … don’t think twice and quickly put it in the dryer! We’re sorry, bad news, most clothes don’t fit in the dryer (check the label and hope we’re wrong).

But cyclists are a bit snob and who denies that they never bothered to pair their clothes with their bike LIES. So if you don’t want to wear different shades of the same color or clothes with a hedgehog touch, follow our advice.

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