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5 unknown climbs in Majorca

Ultimate guide to Majorca’s unknown cycle routes.

Here are some climbs that are not usually experienced, but certainly important. A great alternative if we want to enjoy the climbs and slopes.

1 – Ermita de Santa Llucia

Distance 1,7 Km
Gradient 6,2%

This small climb in the town of Mancor de la Vall is not one of the busiest on the island and unknown to many. However, at just under 2 kilometers, it offers 3 sections with slopes of over 8%. Better yet, the panoramic view over Mancor, once at the top.

2 – Camí des Rafals

Distance 1,4 Km
Gradient 9,3%

Near Mancor de la Vall, about one kilometer from Santa Llucia, there is a small but strenuous climb (1.4 km). Several sections over 13% with an incline of almost 20% make the Camí des Rafals a challenge. The climb ends as soon as we reach the photography barrier. Of course we will be happy if you succeeded, because the completed section is already very demanding.

5 subidas que quiza no conocias de mallorca cycling friendly 002

3 – Sobremunt

Distance 5,64 Km
Gradient 7,8%

If there was a vote for the most difficult ascent on the island, and Sobremunt is not in first place, this ascent would in any case occupy a place on the podium.

5 subidas que quiza no conocias de mallorca cycling friendly 003

A real hell of slopes with three and a half kilometers without a single break (repeat: without a single break), 3 km with the greatest slopes ever seen on any ascent on the island. Although in some sections the asphalt is not in its best condition, this climb is designed for road bikes.

4 – Puig de Maria

Distance 0,57 Km
Gradient 6,5%

Lassarell, Puig de Maria… Pollença has climbs unknown to the vast majority, but with a range of slopes. In this case there is an ascent with some section for a break, but the majority of slopes are over 12-13%.

5 – Puntiró

Distance 2,35 Km
Gradient 6,7%

Urbanizations, in many cases unknown, with little traffic and in the case of Puntiró with a slope greater than 9%, but with an easy average. Good place to do series.

5 subidas que quiza no conocias de mallorca cycling friendly 001
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