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6 Cycling cafes in Majorca

Fancy some of the best cycling cafes in Majorca?

To ride a bike with your group of cycle friends, you need to know two things: ride a bike and drink coffee. One cannot exist without the other, and there are those who say that drinking coffee is really more important than knowing how to ride a bike. The bicycle is a pretext for the cyclist to hide an innate dependence on caffeine. Well, we are joining the cause to promote this dynamic. Because, what’s the point of a well-brewed coffee if you’re in the middle of a route?

6 wonderful places to get a good coffee …

  1. Cycling Planet
  2. VAS                              
  3. Sa Mola 13
  4. Arabay
  5. Rapha
  6. Cafe du Cycliste

1. Cycling Planet

Cycling Planet, tienda de alquiler de bicis y cafetería en Mallorca

If you cycle through Alaró, don’t miss Cycling Planet, a bicycle rental and repair shop with a bar that offers a wide range of soft drinks and coffee in a relaxed, 100% cycling atmosphere. Its “pambolis” are named after cycling stars. An Eddy Mercx on the way!

Location: Av. Constitució, 26, Alaró, Illes Balears.

2. VAS (Vinci Active Sport)

Vinci Active Sport, tienda cafetería ciclista en Mallorca

This bike sales and rental shop is located in a more than strategic location to start a number of routes from Palma. Located in Carrer Gremi de Corredors, in the Polígono de Son Castelló, you can recharge energy with a good snack and a coffee from one of Majorca’s most famous coffee brands: Arabay. Good atmosphere and fully cyclist staff.

Location: VAS (Vinci Active Sport)  C/ Gremí de Corredors, 2, Palma, Illes Balears.

3. Sa Mola 13

Sa Mola 13, cafetería ciclista en Sineu

One of those spots where it would be nice to spend hours chatting with the group. It’s a place that takes care of every detail and where cycling runs through its veins. Their coffees are of very good quality and the toast hearty and very tasty. Located in the epicentre of Sineu, we highly recommend you stop by on your next cycling getaway.

Location: Sa Mola 13 (Sa Mola 13) Carretera de Santa Margalida, 1, Sineu, Illes Balears.

4. Arabay

Cafetería Arabay en Palma de Mallorca

Boutique-cafeteria for passionate coffee lovers, the kind who would stop in each town crossed by their cycle route to refill their dose of caffeine. Its location is in Palma’s Plaza Mayor, so it can be a good place to stop if you are taking an urban route through the center of the Majorcan capital.

Location: C/ del Sindicat, 5, Palma, Illes Balears.

5. Rapha

Rapha, cafetería-tienda ciclista en Palma de Mallorca

The Plaça del Rosari could well change its name to La Plaça del Ciclista. The reason? In this small square in the historic center of Palma, there are up to two cycling cafes. The first is Rapha Mallorca, where in addition to coffee, you can take a look at the products of this brand/cycling club which has many locations around the world.

Location: Rapha (Rapha) Plaça del Rosari, 1, Palma, Illes Balears.

6. Café Du Cycliste

Cafe du Cycliste en Palma de Mallorca

The other shop-café located in Plaça del Rosari is the Café du Cycliste, a spot where you can spend a pleasant time with other cycling enthusiasts. In addition to Palma, you can find other Café Du Cycliste in Nice and London, and it also has its own range of products for cyclists that you can buy in the shop.

Location: Plaça del Rosari, 5,  Palma, Illes Balears.

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