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6 epic cycling routes to experience Lanzarote

A cycle route in Lanzarote means immersing yourself in a haven, hardly comparable to other cycling destinations.

Here are 6 Lanzarote cycle routes that give a good flavour to experience the island. Hardly to forget!

1- Circuit Route Bike Ironman Lanzarote

The Lanzarote Ironman is considered the World’s Toughest, a challenging cycling course. The course is 180 km long heading out from Puerto del Carmen, a loop race through the Yaiza area before start climbing the Montañas del Fuego of the Timanfaya National Park.

All the way to Mirador del Rio, and finally coming back down the center of Lanzarote and into Puerto del Carmen.

5 paisajes imprescindibles que visitar en lanzarote cycling friendly 004

2- Circuit Bike Ocean Lava Lanzarote

Lanzarote is undoubtedly land of triatlón. Fast medium distance route, only the first 13 km of Puerto del Carmen, Tías and Conil have a slight slope.

Loop circuit to Mozaga, Timanfaya and Uga National Park, before returning to the transition point.

Ciclistas en Lanzarote

3- Route Costa Teguise to Puerto del Carmen

Easy flat route between two peculiar towns of Lanzarote, Costa Teguise and Puerto del Carmen. Although there are no major climbs, it is easy to accumulate positive slopes, as well as to enjoy flat roads.

Costa Teguise, Lanzarote

Costa de Teguise. Image of Simon Turkas

4- Tour of Timanfaya and the volcanoes

Who would miss this stunning cycle route through some of Lanzarote’s most dramatic volcano scenery? One of the cycling attractions in Lanzarote is to climb the Timanfaya National Park and circle the volvanic lava fields. Certainly a wonderful and different landscape for cycling.

5- Playa Blanca – Femés – El Golfo

From Playa Blanca we will face one of the most unforgettable climbs in Lanzarote, going up Femés, to enjoy the coastal landscapes of the gulf. Enjoy pedaling between the sea and the volcanic landscapes.

descubre lanzarote con estas 6 rutas ciclistas cycling friendly 002

El Golfo de Lanzarote. Imagen de Desmetjes.

6- Club LaSanta – Mirador de Haría

If there is one place full of cyclists and triathletes in Lanzarote, it is LaSanta Club. On this route, we will climb to the highest point of Lanzarote, the Mirador de Haría, to descend to Orzola, enjoy the coastline of the island and return through the Tabayesco pass towards Teguise, Mozaga and Tinajo.

Mirador de Haría. Imagen de Arthur Dent

View from the heights of the Mirador de Haría. Image of Arthur Dent

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