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7 climbs to conquer in Murcia

Are you enjoying your cycling holiday in the Region of Murcia and taking on the challenge of one of the climbs?

The Region of Murcia has beautiful climbs, several of which have been part of the Vuelta Ciclista a España, such as Collado Bermejo or Cuestas del Cedacero. Fancy to know them a little better?

Murcia Climbs Index

  1. Carrascoy
  2. Cresta del Gallo
  3. Collado Bermejo
  4. Cuestas del Cedacero
  5. Puerto Frío
  6. Benizar
  7. Ricote


One of the most difficult climbs in Spain, not recommended for road cycling due to the state of the asphalt. The climb is one that is non-stop, uninterrupted once we have started the ascent. As an example, the high average that we have to face until the sixth kilometer, with slopes always over 10% and with two consecutive kilometers over 13%. No traffic due to the state of the road, although we will have enough difficulty to overcome this authentic wall of Murcia.

Cresta del Gallo

Cresta del Gallo

Cresta del Gallo, belonging to the El Valle y Carrascoy Regional Park, is the natural border between Huerta de Murcia and Campo de Cartagena. The road has a double lane separation on a track approximately 4 meters wide. From Los Garres 5.5 km with an average of 6.8% and a 379 m slope.

Collado Bermejo

Collado Bermejo, Región de Murcia

In 2017, the symbolic summit was section at the Vuelta Ciclista a España for the first time in its history. Without a doubt the 19 kilometer climb with an average of 5% is not exactly an easy challenge. It is also a very complete stage, with a section full of very pleasant hairpin bends and with a road surface in good condition. At the top, we enjoy the view from its belvedere, embedded in an idyllic natural setting.

Cuestas del Cedacero

Cedacero was part of the Vuelta Ciclista a España in 2018, more precisely in its 6th stage through Cartagena. The ascent to reach the viewpoint is embedded in a landscape of sea and mountains from which you can view Isla Plana, Cabezo del Cambrón, Rambla del Cañar or Cabezo del Horno. If you are a lover of mountainous and accessible landscapes, then the slopes of Cedacero are the spot to cycle.

Puerto Frío

Starting from Cortao de las Peñas, 12 km with an average gradient of 4.4% and a cumulative slope of 530 m. The road is in good condition, and until the 7th kilometer the ascent is quite easy. Things get more complicated as we approach Fuente Blanca, with averages between 8 and 9% which force us to increase our effort until the 10th kilometer, when the climb becomes quite easy again. It is an area rarely traveled by cars, so we can climb it with some safety. By the way, every year there is a cycling event known as Sierra de la Pila.


The climb to the top of Benizar is one of the most difficult, with an ascent of around 15 km and slopes up to 21%, 4 of which are particularly hard. Ramps that easily exceed 15%, narrow but not very busy, will allow us to enjoy the surrounding landscape.


Ricote, Región de Murcia

A safe climb due to little traffic on the road. Good asphalt, although as you approach Ricote the pavement is a little rougher. It is considered one of the toughest category 3 climbs in Murcia. Its 5.23 km and 300 m slope, with an average 5.73%, are figures that should not scare us a priori, even if it combines easier sections with more demanding. The first two kilometers from Ojós to Blanca with an average 7%.

After the third kilometer to Ricote, where despite the fact that the average gradient will always be less than 6%, the roughness of the asphalt can make us suffer as much or more than the first two kilometers. The climb is surrounded by vegetation, and the presence of shadows is abundant in which we will find ourselves sheltered mainly in the second section.

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