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7 perfect spots for cycle cafés in Girona

Girona is home to some of the most famous cycling cafes in Spain.

We already highlighted the many advantages of Girona, a paradise for cyclists and triathletes that is gaining more and more followers year after year. The sea and mountain routes combined with very dynamic and mostly well-maintained mountain passes make this Catalan province one of the provinces that has seen the greatest growth in the ecosystem to make cyclists feel at home. And for this reason, the emergence of cafes designed entirely by and for the cyclist could not be missed, some with elite owners behind them.

Here are seven that we believe are a must-taste:

  1. La Fábrica
  2. Espresso Mafia
  3. Eat, Sleep, Cycle Café
  4. Hors Categorie
  5. Federal Café
  6. La Comuna
  7. Oniria Café

La Fábrica

La Fábrica de GironaLa Fábrica is more than just a spot for cyclists. Anyone who walks through the door will probably realize that this is one of those places with a soul. And it is because behind this initiative there is a lot of love, especially that put by Amber and Christian Meier for having realized their dream of creating a small café, which was precisely the spot where they met at the beginning of their special life adventure. 

The commitment to Girona, the place where they were based because Christian was a prof, involved a certain risk, because at that time there were no places specifically focused on providing good quality coffee, but they managed to open the café. Christian Meier even chose to teach himself how to be a coffee roaster, devoting a good number of hours to it while he was still a prof cyclist. This led them to create a second location in Girona, Espresso Mafia, which we will talk about next. With the opening of The Service Course bike shop, Christian Meier made the decision to retire from professional cycling as Amber could not do all the work that lay ahead with the businesses they had started, all on her own.

La Fábrica is a spot with a very cycling atmosphere and with attention to detail and the quality of the product that can be seen in its offer. In addition to excellent quality coffee, they have a varied offer of juices, toast, bagels, waffles and other sweets. And its brunch, highly recommended and complete.

Location: Carrer de la Llebre, 3, 17004 Girona.

Espresso Mafia

Espresso MafiaWe have already told you the story of Amber and Christian, so you can imagine what we can say about Espresso Mafia: another very nice and welcoming spot, in the heart of the old town of Girona, offering excellent quality coffee. This is where the coffee served in both Espresso Mafia and La Fábrica is roasted.

Location: Carrer de la Cort Reial, 5, 17004 Girona.

Eat, Sleep, Cycle Café

Eat, Sleep, Cycle CaféThe good folks at Eat, Sleep, Cycle had been running their bike shop in the center of Girona for a while when one day they decided it would be nice to complete this shop with a cafeteria and a bike rental. So to achieve their goals, they thought it might be good to set up crowdfunding to give it a boost. They wanted to raise 10,000 euros to get it started, and not only did they manage to capture that figure, but they added over 31,715 euros from 246 different contributions.

They therefore had no choice but to get to work and open a restaurant-cafeteria section in 2021 with a menu that varies from time to time, but in which we can find both very complete breakfast and varied and very appetizing dishes. And of course, accompanied by a good coffee, a little cheaper than in the case of the Factory and Espresso Mafia, with the difference that the Eat, Sleep, Cycle coffee is not theirs.

Location: Carrer de l’Albereda, 15, 17004 Girona.

Hors Catégorie

Hors Catégorie, cafetería ciclista en Girona

Our best cafés with a cycling atmosphere are closed by Hors Category, a nicely decorated spot to enjoy not only good coffee but also a wide variety of dishes for breakfast and lunch. The tacos al pastor are particularly tasty, although we recommend tasting them after your bike trip. It’s not a plan to fill your stomach like there’s no tomorrow and then you can’t even get back on the bike.

Location: Carrer del Perill, 3, 17001 Girona.

Federal Café

Federal Café Girona

Federal Café is located in the historic center of Girona, a spot where Australian and Catalan culture meet through its gastronomy. Behind this location (and many others located in Spain) is former Movistar cyclist Rory Sutherland, who together with his partner Charles Harris-Inman decided it was a good idea to set up a cafeteria in Girona, a place they are both in love with. Highly recommended, especially for breakfast and brunch. . . of course with a good coffee.

Location: Carrer de la Força, 9, 17004 Girona

La Comuna

La Comuna Coffee Girona

La Comuna, owned by the triathlete couple Emma Snowsill and Jan Frodeno, could not be missing from the group of select cafés for cyclists. Carefully designed by interior designer Lara Pujol, the space consists of four parallel naves connected by vaulted terracotta ceilings and thick stone walls. It also has a pleasant courtyard with a vertical garden. To properly combine the stone walls and the terracotta ceilings, La Comuna has tried to keep a range of earth-toned colors that make us feel at home in a very cozy space. It has a good range of healthy food, good coffee and a cycling atmosphere.

Location: Carrer del Bellaire, 7, 17004 Girona

Oniria Café

Oniria Café Girona

Located in the old quarter of Girona, it is a small corner for coffee lovers and a place that many locals trust when it comes to savouring quality coffees. The couple who run it put all their love into offering good service and unbeatable coffee, in a small but very cozy place.

Location: Carrer Nord, 11, 17001 Girona

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