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7 revealing climbs of the Vuelta 2022

Discover some unprecedented climbs in the Vuelta a España between August 19 and September 11.

Even if it may seem impossible that after so many editions of the Vuelta a España, there are still brand new climbs to discover, one of the 3 big stages of the year will once again take unprecedented ones. Here are some of the most remarkable, such as the Alto del Piornal or the Collau Fancuaya.


  1. Alto de la Desesperá
  2. Alto del Piornal
  3. Alto de Mozqueta
  4. Collau Fancuaya
  5. Puerto de San Glorio
  6. Puerto de Opakua
  7. Puerto de Herrera

Alto de la Desesperá

Alto de la Desespera is one of the newcomers to the Vuelta 2022. A second category climb to conquer in the stage from Trujillo to Alto del Piornal. 5 km of progressive ascent with an average over 6%, the prelude to the hardest section of the stage.

Alto del Piornal

Alto de Piornal is the main attraction of stage 18 of the Vuelta, which will take place along 3 different slopes: the Desesperá, el Monasterio de Yuste (monastery) and Valle de Hervás (valley). This will also be the final stage, one of the most important days for the favourites and their team to work on their battle strategies if they want to shake up the general classification.

Alto de Mozqueta

The 8th and 9th stages of the Vuelta are shaping up to be two of the most likely to “stir up the roosters in the barnyard”. If we focus on the 8th stage, 3 unprecedented climbs of the Vuelta a España in a community with as many Vuelta stories as Asturias. The first one is Alto de la Mozqueta, a second category climb.

Collau Fancuaya

The 8th stage of the Vuelta a España 2022 will feature an unprecedented final ascent to Colláu Fancuaya. This climb, approximately 10 km long, has very consistent ramps in a category one climb in which climbers can bid for overall victory.

Puerto de San Glorio

Stage 7 of the Vuelta a España will open the demanding Puerto de San Glorio, with an altitude of 1,600 m and a gradual ascent of nearly 20 km at 6%. Numbers that obviously make it worthy of being a first-class climb. Due to more demanding later stages, this climb should not be decisive for the general classification, but could greatly benefit those aiming to break away from the peloton and obtain stage victory.

Puerto de Opakua 

Stage 4 of the Vuelta a España will feature two exceptional climbs, on a 153 km medium mountain course from Vitoria-Gasteiz to Laguardia. The first of the climbs to be conquered is around kilometer 60, and a second category climb of about 5 km with a constant 7% average. It owns a short rest halfway up, but it’s a climb with a fairly good road.

Puerto de Herrera

Puerto de Herrera will be the exceptional second ascent of stage 4 of the Vuelta a España 2022. This climb will be crowned 15 km before the finish line, then followed by an accelerated descent to the end of the stage. Pure sprinters, trying to reach the finish of the stage, will suffer on its 5.47 km and 8% average, with a slope of 1000 m, moment that will show whether a climber has real opportunities to escape from the peloton.

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