Els Cortals d'Encamp

10.39 km.
6927.36 ft.
867.00 m.
Category 1

    Els Cortals d'Encamp is a long and very difficult climb. Arrival of the traditional Purito Andorra cycle race, where the most daring cyclists must face the ascent after having conquered climbs such as Coll d'Ordino, Vall de la Gallina or Beixalis.

    The 13.2 km can be divided into several difficult sections. Until the fourth kilometer, the average slopes are about 5%, with the exception of the third kilometer. From there and until Sant Jaume dels Cortals (around the ninth kilometer) we will have to face averages between 9 and 10%, with constant ramps that will exceed double digits and can be very difficult.

    If we overcome this intermediate section, we will still have to face averages of more than 7% until we reach the 2,000 m of Cortals d'Encamp.

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