4.52 km.
1746.60 ft.
235.95 m.
Category 3
Distance Nearby routes Increase%
Randa - Lluc (Randa)
63.92 mi
Randa - Caminos de Algaida y Llucmajor (Randa)
28.25 mi

    The climb to the Santuari de Cura in Mallorca has become by far one of the most popular for local and visiting cyclists. Its location close to the city of Palma and the achievable requirements mean that many people choose to climb the Santuari, a spot with beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding area.

    The altitude measurement towards Santuari de Cura from Randa shows a profile of 4.52 km with an average slope of more than 5.2% and a positive slope of 328 m. It's a nice climb, with several horseshoe bends where you get the feeling of a very good pace. The area is rich in vegetation and you feel quite protected, and the road is well paved and although somewhat narrow, it is ideal for our bike climb. The climb to the Santuari is easy to follow from Randa, with signs indicating the direction to follow.

    An ideal climb for groups who are not looking for great challenges, for cyclists taking their first steps on the bike and for those who want to climb at a good pace.

    And don't forget to visit the Santuari! To cultured cyclists who love history, tell them that, as the philosopher Ramon Llull himself testifies in his Vida Coetania (an autobiography written in 1311), this was the place where he received divine illumination, starting his missionary activity.

    Will there be cyclists who will also be enlightened people once the bike climb is over? You never know...

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