5.17 km.
1659.58 ft.
257.38 m.
Category 3

    Is the Coll de Sóller one of the busiest cycling climbs on the island? We don't know for sure whether it is or not, but there is no doubt that it is one of the most popular. The fact that it is so little travelled by cars means that you can climb it at your own pace, without the nervousness of having a caravan of vehicles behind you.

    Anyway, the Coll de Sóller has gained its popularity for many reasons: the incessant bends until the ascent of its summit, the good condition of the road and the surrounding landscape make the climb worth every mile.

    Taking the slope of Palma, we face a climb of just over 5 kilometers with an average gradient of 4.98%, at 257 meters. The average slope gets steeper as you climb each kilometer. So if the first kilometer has an average slope of just over 4%, the last one owns 5.5%.

    When descending to Sóller, once you reach the summit, be careful in the early morning hours, when the lack of sunshine can cause you to encounter wet asphalt, the perfect scenario for slipping

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