8.54 km.
1925.06 ft.
421.52 m.
Category 2

    Coll de sa Batalla is undoubtedly one of the most popular peaks in terms of popular mountain passes in Majorca. A climb usually linked to a route that ends with the conquest of Lluc, in the municipality of Escorca, and that takes us to the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana through one of the most visited and appreciated areas of Majorca .

    Its altimetry offers a very attractive profile: 8.54 km with an average slope of 4.93% and a positive slope of 421m from Caimari.

    The toughest section of the climb is in the first half, which means the last few miles are quite pleasant and painless. So if we descend just below the average gradient of 6% in the first 5 kilometers, we will have averages below 3% in the last section. The hardest kilometer of the climb is particularly well known, with an average gradient of 7%, interspersed with four tight hairpin bends.

    The road is in very good condition and quite wide, although it tends to be very busy at weekends when large groups of tourists and Majorcans come to the area by car.

    All around us we can see how we are gradually surrounded by the characteristic valley that surrounds Lluc, full of evocative shapes in the limestone rocks of the area, some of which are so striking that they seem almost sculpted by artists.

    It is undoubtedly one of the essential climbs if you want to spend a cycling holiday in Majorca along the most emblematic spots.

    At the top we find the restaurant Es Coll de Sa Bataia, one of the cycling hotspots.

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