7.42 km.
1621.50 ft.
417.13 m.
Category 2

    If there is one good thing that the construction of the Sóller tunnel has brought to cyclists, it is undoubtedly the gift of leaving the Coll de Sóller almost without car traffic. What were once bends where cars and bikes were dangerously misused, is now a space where pedals and the mountain coexist on one of the busiest climbs.

    However, the difficulty of this ascent should not be underestimated: 7.4 km starting from Sóller with an average gradient of 5.6%, with a slope of 417 m, which is not little.

    Ahead of us is the challenge of overcoming a first section with long and demanding ramps before starting the ascent to the Coll itself from kilometer 2. This is when we will begin to vibrate with the hard but motivating horseshoe bends that we will have to face before conquering the Coll de Sóller. A constant zigzagging that never seems to end, but which allows us to conquer the pass by means of small challenges: first reaching a bend, then reaching the next one, and so on little by little.. The Coll de Sóller is like those best sellers with short, intense chapters that get you hooked: when you have just finished a demanding ramp, you have no choice but to carry on with the uncertainty of whether you will be able to tackle the next one, but you still want to keep going.

    Are we going a little overboard with the epicness of this climb? See for yourself and take up the challenge of climbing the Coll de Sóller on your next cycling trip.

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