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Cycling Friendly Certifications

Dreaming of a hotel adapted for cyclists or triathletes? Stop dreaming.

We wanted to break away from the traditional concept of a ‘quality certificate’. It’s not a plaque or a sticker that attracts cyclists to accommodation or a destination; it’s the result of quality infrastructure, communication, services, and information that allow attracting this type of active tourism. The certificate would be the recognition of all that well-done work.

What does Cycling Friendly Certification mean?

Discover Bronze, Silver, and Gold Cycling Friendly hotels. Bronze hotels offer cutting-edge facilities for every cyclist’s needs. Choose Silver accommodations for upgraded amenities and services. Experience Gold-certified lodgings for the most demanding clients, catering to both cycling and triathlon enthusiasts.


Elite cycling accommodations, exceptional services, ultimate experience.

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Enhanced amenities, tailored services, memorable cycling stays.

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Quality cyclist facilities, essential comforts, enjoyable rides.

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Cycling Friendly: Requirements your hotel must meet to obtain certification

Cycling Friendly offers Bronze, Silver, and Gold hotels to cater to every cyclist’s needs. Bronze has cutting-edge facilities, Silver offers upgraded amenities, and Gold is perfect for the most demanding cycling and triathlon enthusiasts.



Starter pack 🚀
Free Requirements:
  • Secure and locked room. Access control.
  • Bike hangers with security.
  • Air pump.
  • Basic repair workshop.
  • Basic repair stand.
  • 3 custom routes.
  • Cycling services.


Full equipe ★
Free Requirements:
  • Bronze pack plus:
  • Medium repair workshop.
  • Medium repair stand.
  • Bike washing station.
  • Gym/fitness room.
  • Basic spare parts for sale.
  • Welcome pack (amenities).
  • 5 custom routes.
  • Adapted restaurant schedules.
  • Sports massage service.
  • Electric bike charging points.
  • Laundry service.


Master of cycling 👑
Free Requirements:
  • Silver pack plus:
  • Advanced repair workshop.
  • Advanced repair stand.
  • Bike roller and/or mid-high range spinning bike.
  • Lockers and benches in cycling center.
  • Sports nutrition for sale.
  • 7 custom routes.
  • Decorated Cycling Center.
  • Water dispenser.
  • 25m heated swimming pool (optional).

Gold accommodations

The Cycling Friendly Gold certification recognizes hotels that provide exclusive facilities and services for cyclists, such as parking, bike wash stations, and customized routes. Enjoy cycling tourism with comfort and luxury at these unique accommodations. Experience your passion on wheels!

PortBlue Club Pollentia Resort & Spa

One of the hotels with the highest number of cyclist bookings in Spain.

Silver accommodations

Discover the Cycling Friendly Silver certification, awarded to hotels with quality cyclist amenities. Enjoy secure bike storage and customized routes at these accommodations, perfect for your cycling adventures. Embrace the open road with passion!

JS Alcudi-Mar


Bronze accommodations

Explore the Cycling Friendly Bronze certification, acknowledging hotels that cater to cycling enthusiasts with essential facilities. These accommodations offer basic bike-friendly amenities for a pleasant stay during your cycling journeys. Experience the joy of biking and comfortable lodging with Bronze-certified hotels.

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Certify your accommodation as Cycling Friendly