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Cycling in Majorca like a pro with three INEOS routes

Do you think you will be able to cover one of the routes taken by INEOS Granadiers in Mallorca to prepare for its 2022 season?

The INEO Grenadiers team returns once again to complete part of its pre-season in Majorca. Members of the British team are making their layout this week with different outings on the roads of Majorca, at a time when the influx of tourists is much lower and it is less common for cyclists to find roads crowded with cars.

During these days, some INEOS Grenadiers cyclists have published the routes they have taken. All demanding routes through a large part of the emblematic climbs of Mallorca. Have you ever considered taking a professional level training course? We leave a few here for you and then you decide if it’s worth it, if it takes you several days to finish this crazy course or if it is directly better to see how the more pros pedal on TV….

And the leisurely bike rides at INEOS Grenadiers in Majorca are …

  1. INEOS Grenadiers Route 1: Through the entire Tramuntana
  2. INEOS Grenadiers Route 2: Up to Sa Calobra and more…
  3. INEOS Grenadiers Route 3: A 187 km route to Puig Major

1. INEOS Grenadiers Route 1: Through the entire Tramuntana

Ruta INEO Mallorca Serra de Tramuntana

Download route

Normally you pass through 3 or 4 towns and a few climbs up the Serra de Tramuntana de Mallorca. But these cyclists go a little further and cover the entire Tramuntana, in a circular route that leaves from Port de Pollença through the Majorcan Serra and once the goal is reached, you return through the interior of the island.

The route crosses Fornalutx, Sóller, Estellencs, Andratx, Deià, Valldemossa, Es Capdellà, the municipality of Calvià or Santa Maria del Camí, among others, over 200 km and 3,300 m of accumulated positive slope.

Just the thought of this demanding route, which will weigh heavily on more than one person, already leaves us with heavy legs.

2. INEOS Grenadiers Route 2: Up to Sa Calobra and more…

Ruta INEOS Mallorca Sa Calobra

Download Route

If you ruled out the first option and are waiting for us to show you a more affordable itinerary from the INEOS team in Majorca: forget it. Yes, it might be the most affordable, but that doesn’t mean it’s doable for the average person.

In this case, less kilometers, 113 km and a positive slope of a little over 2000 m, but with a small handicap: you have to descend and then climb the pass of Sa Calobra, the great colossus of the island. Yes, conquering it is a joy and whatever, but doing a route of more than 100 km that includes this climb can leave us quietly on the way, if we do not have a body of steel.

As if that weren’t enough, Sa Calobra is assisted by the Coll de Femenía, which, although less demanding, means an added additional difficulty to the course in addition to Sa Calobra. It’s beautiful of course …

3. INEOS Grenadiers Route 3: A 187 km route to Puig Major

Ruta INEOS en Mallorca hasta Puig Major

Download Route

The last of the INEOS Grenadiers routes in Majorca is quite a bit if not more difficult than the previous two. Although with fewer kilometers, the ascent of the Puig Major or the passage through the Coll d’Honor, makes it a route through the north of Majorca that is not suitable for everyone, at least if we want to do it in one day. In total 187 km and a slope of 2767 m on a route that seems to draw a kind of bat wings (?) in which we cycle through Alaró, Orient, Bunyola, Sóller, Deià or Valldemossa, starting and finishing at Playa de Muro.

Fotography: INEOS Grenadiers

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