Bilbao Triathlon

Type: Triathlon Gran Vía de Don Diego López de Haro, 45, Bilbao, España
2023-09-24 / 2023-09-24
Bilbao Triathlon


Bilbao Triathlon is scheduled for next Septiembre 24, 2023.



- From 31/10/2021 to 01/05/2022: 180 €
- From 01/05/2022 to 15/08/2022:  250 €

- Non-Spanish triathletes: € 250 | Non-federated triathletes: 260 €


*On 12/09/2022 registrations will be closed, in case there are still numbers available. Non-federated triathletes must take out compulsory one-day insurance at a cost of € 15.


The stage


Where can I stay for the Bilbao Triathlon?

For the occasion, you can take the opportunity to stay in one of the Cycling Friendly accommodations specially prepared for cyclists in Bilbao.


Where can I rent a bike?

If you want to rent a bike to enjoy the Bilbao Triathlon, you can check the availability of bicycles in the area in our search engine.