Marxa Terra des Remences 2

Type: Road Plaça del Vi, 1 Gerona, España
2023-05-08 / 2023-05-08
Marxa Terra des Remences 2


On September 12, 2021, the Club Ciclista BAS is organizing the 24th edition of the Terra de Remences cycling race. A bike touring road race starting in Sant Esteve d'en Bas (Girona) with two distances: 175 km and 100 km. The slope of the long distance is 2,600 m, while that of the short distance is 1,280 m.

In addition, the long and short courses are rated for the XIV Circuit Ciclopirineus de Cicloturisme, the XXXI Challenge Catalana de Cicloturisme and the VII Circuit Femení de Cicloturisme organized by the Comissió de Cicloturisme of the FCC. The minimum age to participate in the Marxa Terra des Remences is 18 years old.

Registrations range from 32 to 52 euros depending on the date of registration, with a limit of 3000 participants. To participate, a federative license is compulsory, and if you don't have it, you must sign a one-day license for 9 euros. Different refreshments points will be set up for the long and short courses, throughout the course.