Tierra Estella Epic MTB

Type: MTB Calle Ayuntamiento, 1, 31240 Ayegui, Navarra, España
2023-10-09 / 2023-10-09
Tierra Estella Epic MTB


Tierra Estella Epic MTB is scheduled on October 9, 2023 in Navarre. In particular from the town of Ayegui, from where the Tierra Estella / Lizarraldea paths start. This event is part of the UCI C1 category, a competitive event of 89 km distance. Likewise, there is also a non-competitive version for cyclists, with either the same distance as the competitive version or a shortened version of 50 km.

The competitive mode or Bike Marathon has 89 km with a positive slope of 2,600 m. In the shortened version, the slope difference is about 1,200 m.

The prices vary between 35 and 45 euros, depending on the distance and whether or not a federal license is available.



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