Kiss the Planet Triatlón

Type: Triathlon Casa de Campo, P.º de la Prta del Ángel, 1, 28011 Madrid, España
2023-10-09 / 2023-10-09
Kiss the Planet Triatlón


Kiss the Planet Triathlon is a sustainable triathlon! Yes, you heard right! The organization will plant a tree for 2 participants in the event. The aim of the KTPT philosophy is to ensure that the event takes place with the least possible impact on the environment. When you register, you have the option of giving up the official jersey and donating the amount to a tree plantation.

The organization will use (to the extent possible) electric vehicles for the organization's needs, merchandising with ecological materials will be distributed in the runner's bag and at least 50% of the food used for the triathletes will be obtained from sustainable way (seasonal, local and with vegan options). KISS the Planet is not just any triathlon! Do you still doubt it?



Prices Distance Half/  Distance Olímpica: 

Section 1:  135€ / 55€ (20/12/21 - 28/02/22)   
Section 2:  150€ / 65€ (01/03/22-31/05/22)   
Section 3: 170€ / 75€  (01/06/22 - 02/10/22) 
Relays. 150€


The stage



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