Arnoia Termal Bike

Type: MTB Acceso Vila Termal, 1, 32417 Arnoia, Ourense, España
Arnoia Termal Bike


Arnoia (Ourense) will host the Arnoia Termal Race, an MTB event, on September 19, 2021. The format of the event is the ultramarathon, and it consists of a circular circuit.

The race will have two modalities:

  • Gran Fondo: 70 km in pairs.
  • Medio Fondo: 50 km individual.

There are also different registration modalities:

  • Modality INDIVIDUAL, individual participants who complete the entire course.
  • Modality ELECTRIC BIKE, individual participants who ride the course with an E-Bike. This category will NOT be competitive.
  • Modality PAIRS, teams of 2 members. Teams may be male, female or mixed and the maximum distance at the finish line between one team and another must be one minute.