La Implacable MTB

Type: MTB Ctra. del Canal, 1, 30440 Moratalla, Murcia, España
2023-09-26 / 2023-09-26
La Implacable MTB


Murcia hosts the Implacable MTB on September 26, 2023. Organized by MOUNTAIN NOROESTE C.C. and with a limit of 260 participants, the race will start at Camping la Puerta de Moratalla.

The registration prices are 21 euros for federates and 31 euros for non-federates, and the registration deadline is September 22, four days before the race.

The race can take place over two distances:

  1. 60 km and 2000 m of vertical drop.
  2. 30 km and 1000 m of vertical drop.