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Girona, cycling paradise… and triathletes?

Cycle tourists, triathletes, swimmers, runners … Fancy to enjoy a cycling heaven only the two-wheeled enthusiasts have experienced in Girona?

The Mediterranean climate, the complex landscape orography, with a vast arrey of proposals focused on the athlete, the commitment of Girona to promote sports tourism … and more reasons.

Here are the best reasons why Girona has become the stronghold for cyclists and triathletes from around the world.

The best reasons for a cycling and triathlete mecca ….

  1. If Jan Frodena has settled in Girona, there must be something to it
  2. Exceptional road conditions
  3. Girona boasts a wide geography despite its dimensions
  4. Excellent water for swimming
  5. The bike and triathlon community is steadily growing
  6. Great events for triathletes and cyclists
  7. Luxury for gourmets

1.If Jan Frodeno has settled in Girona, there must be something to it.

Jan Frodeno en Girona

Image of Moritz Kosinsky, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Okay, maybe it’s a little unfair to use Jan Frodeno as a reference, as cyclists like Johnny Weltz, Tyler Hamilton, Levi Leipheimer or even Lance Armstrong trained there for long periods or lived in the area long before him. In addition, there are numerous cycling teams that either have their headquarters in Girona or conduct a large part of their training camps there.

But the man from Cologne is not the only international triathlete who lives in the Catalan city.

Anyway we assume that his is the most striking of all. In fact, its connection with the city is such that he recently opened a café-boutique, which has caused many to focus on the benefits that the province has for cycling, running and swimming.

Let’s take another example: Vincent Luis, twice world champion of the Triathlon World Series, also moved there. And we would tell you that he is even Jan’s neighbor.

And like him, David McNamee, twice podium at the IRONMAN World Championship, the triathlon event which demands the most from athletes. He arrived several years ago, fell in love with the city, and stayed. The Scotsman has also opened a café in the capital.

However, there are more triathletes who spend part of the year in Girona: Nick Kastelein, Flora Duffy or Cameron Wurf. It is common to see them on Instagram sharing photos of some emblematic corners of the city.

The reasons why Jan Frodeno settled in Girona with his wife.

They knew it was a very popular destination for professional cyclists and they loved the running areas in and around Girona. Well, the 50 meter pool in their house helped a bit …

2. Exceptional road conditions

Carretera en Cap de Creus, Girona

If you love cycling, Girona has everything you need to train safety. Many of Girona’s side roads, both on the Costa Brava and in the Pyrenees, are not very busy during the cooler months, which is a real luxury for the cyclist.

In addition, they are in very good condition and well maintained, in other words to cycle without fear.

3. Girona boasts a wide geography despite its dimension

Girona en bicicleta

Girona is the perfect destination for cycling: less difficult coastal roads passing through Mediterranean coves of great beauty. But in the same way, the high mountain cimbs of the Pyrenees like Vallter 2.000, the cycle roof of Catalonia with a slope of 2,150 m.

You have mountain, mid-mountain and plain routes to discover.

Within Girona, destinations such as Rocacorba, Banyoles or Lloret de Mar are among the top cycling spots.

Routes like Els Àngels and Santa Pelaia, with two essential climbs; like the one from Banyoles to Rocacorba, passing by the lake of Banyoles (with coffee break); or Pirinexus, a circular route of more than 350 km (from which the Pirinexus Challenge was born) shows how Girona offers endless possibilities in its territory.

4. Excellent water for swimming

Natación en Girona

Despite the name by which the coast of Girona, Costa Brava, is known; the deep waters of the Mediterranean and the coastal areas allow you to swim without worrying too much about the tides or waves, more suitable for surfers than swimmers.

In addition, the sea temperature allows swimming along the coast almost all year round, and the accessibility of several beaches and coves helps us get closer to training for our next triathlon without having to travel long distances.

5. The bike and triathlon community is steadily growing

Precisely by personalities like Frodeno or by the different prof cycling teams that cross Girona in all its corners, the community of non-professional cyclists and triathletes interested in the region has grown, generating a community of people from different countries who have gathered around this region.

In fact, Girona is said to be one of the spots with the highest number of cycling cafes in Europe, and we already know that this is a good indicator.

Even if it is for a short stay or a cycling trip, it is not surprising that you will meet cycling enthusiasts, runners or swimmers wherever you are.

For many, sports does not become a passion if it is not shared. And of that, passion for sport, Girona has plenty.

Since we have talked about cycling cafes, we take the opportunity to let you enjoy some of the most famous:

6. Great events for triathletes and cyclists

When we talk about events in Girona, it means Sea Otter Europe, the epicenter of cycling for almost a week. This cycling fair is surrounded by various events: the Pirinexus Challenge, the Ciclobrava, the Pirinexus Challenge, the Super Cup Massi … a cycling explosion for all cycling profiles.

In addition, the latest expansion of the TradeInn International Triathlon 140.6INN long distance triathlon course represents another step forward to events that inspire cyclists and triathletes.

7. Luxury for gourmets

Celler de Can RocaCity Foodsters, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Well, maybe we’ve mentioned an in-depth reason here, not so much for athletes, but for everyone. But the gastronomic offer is a range for gourmets that we cannot say enough about. In addition to the renowned gourmet cuisine of the Celler de Can Roca, the abundance of restaurants that cook with high quality raw materials is easy to find, both in the capital and in the different towns that make up the Girona region. Therefore, it will not be difficult to find spots where you can enjoy healthy and high quality Mediterranean cuisine.

And you, why experiencing Girona as a the perfect cycling and triathlon destination?

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