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Hotel Villa Chiquita is a Mediterranean oasis with spectacular views located in Colonia de Sant Jordi, in the Southeast of Majorca. Due to its fantastic location it is a highly sought-after hotel for anyone looking to enjoy nature, sport and a relaxing getaway surrounded by the island’s authentic landscape.

At Hotel Villa Chiquita we’ve recently received the official ‘Cycling Friendly’ certification, as we are the perfect hotel for professional and amateur cyclists. Not only do we offer fantastic facilities, including a heated pool and spa, a stunning rooftop terrace to spend the day or enjoy cocktails at sunset and a top-notch Mediterranean restaurant, but we also have specific features to make your cycling holiday one to remember.

Our exclusive Cycling Center at Hotel Villa Chiquita includes:

· Secure bike racks

· Basic repair shop

· Basic repair support

· Inflation pump

In addition to our Cycling Centre, we’ve also designed three personalized routes in the region so that you can make the most of the surroundings of our hotel. These routes suit all levels and our team will be pleased to give you the details to follow these exciting trails.

Last, but not least, our Fonoll Marí restaurant will be in charge of offering breakfast and dinner for our cyclists, our healthy options are based on local and seasonal products, giving guests and sport lovers the nutrients they need to feel energetic at all times while enjoying their cycling holiday.

We will be pleased to welcome you at our Cycling Friendly hotel with Mediterranean vibes this season. Enjoy!

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