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Enkarterri (Las Encartaciones) is located in the westernmost section of Vizcaya, in an ideal natural cycling environment. Ready to discover this beautiful Cycling Friendly region of the Basque Country?


Cycling in Enkarterri


Region with breathtaking panoramic views, where the sea and the mountain merge in the same place. Scroll the medieval streets and bridges of Enkarterri without getting off your bike, enter caves that are unique in the world and do not hesitate to taste its rich cuisine with a good txacolí.


Enkarterri: the most surprising Euskadi, by bicycle


Immerse yourself in a unique natural paradise! Between the peaks and forests of the Enkarterri region there are an endless number of trails and more than two hundred caves, such as the Pozalagua (Karrantza) cave, located in the Armañón Natural Park.

Enkarterri is also the country of medieval towns like Balmaseda, the first town founded in Biscay, located in a narrow gorge bathed by the waters of the Kadagua river. A medieval bridge saves its waters and protects the old town, which traces a route full of churches, palaces and stately homes.

In Lanestosa, the second medieval town in the Enkarterri region, time seems to have stood still between its cobbled streets, popular houses with continuous balconies, the medieval bridge or the ancient lime kilns.


Fancy to get lost among its beautiful villages and let yourself be surprised by its beauty? 


In Ziérbena you can enter the Abanto mine, in Trápaga you can visit Lago de Arboleda, while in Muskiz you can visit El Pobal Ferrería and cycle the Itsaslur greenway to end up taking a bath on the Arena beach. Scroll through the Hermitage of San Juan de Berbikez Avellaneda in Gordexola, the Torre Loizaga in Galdames and Arreturas and the Alto de Ubal in Karrantza la Harana.


Why Enkarterri as your next cycling getaway?


Modality: Road / MTB

Climate: Temperate climate. The average temperature is around 12.5º C

Recommended Accommodations: Exclusive selection of Cycling Friendly accommodations.

Recommended routes:

Muskiz:  Vía Verde de los Montes de HierroVía Verde Paseo de Itsaslur, Muskiz – Valle de TrápagaMuskiz – Vías Verdes Paseo Itsaslur y PiquilloMuskiz – Pico Mayor – Pirulí – OrkoneraMuskiz – Iron GravelMuskiz – MelloMuskiz – Guggenheim Bilbao,  Muskiz – La Granja – MuñecasMuskiz – Islares – La EscritaMuskiz – Enkarterri 

Ortuella: Vía Verde de La OrkoneraOrtuella – Trápaga – La Arboleda – ArgalarioOrtuella – Trápaga – La Arboleda – Gallarta 

Zalla: Zalla – Muskiz – Las Muñecas – Bezi

Abanto-Zierbena: Abanto-Zierbena – Trápaga – Las Muñecas, Abanto Zierbena-Castro Urdiales-Las MuñecasAbanto-Ziérbena – Gallarta – Galdames – Pico la Cruz  

Alonsotegi: Alonsotegui – PagasarriRuta del Kadagua 

Artzentales:  Artzentales – La Herbosa – Peña AnguloVía Verde de los Montes de Hierro

Balmaseda: Balmaseda – Guggenheim BilbaoBalmaseda – ArbalitzaBalmaseda – Garbea – Kolitza, Balmaseda – Kolitza – Burgueño – Mazapando – Mirador 

Galdames: Galdames – Orduña – HumaranGordexola – Artziniega – Llanteno – Añes – Peña Angulo

Güeñes: Güeñes – Humaran – Las Muñecas – La Herbosa

Lanestosa: Lanestosa – La Aparecida – Asón

Sopuerta: Sopuerta – Alen – Betaio,  Sopuerta – Torre Loizaga – Kolitza

Turtzioz: Turtzioz – ArmañónTurtzioz – Castro Urdiales – Oriñón

Valle de Villaverde: Valle de Villaverde–Karrantza–Lanestosa

Zierbena: Zierbena – Punta Lucero, Zierbena-Santurce-Puente Vizcaya-Getxo-Bilbao-Barakaldo

Karrantza: Karrantza – Balgerri – OrdunteKarrantza – Puerto La Escrita – La Herbosa – Balmaseda – Villasana de Mena – Bercedo – Los Tornos – Lanestosa – Ubal – Karrantza

Sodupe: Sodupe – Eretza


Recommended bikes: Wide selection of ideal bikes for your routes in Enkarterri.

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