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Cycling in Osona

Discover the wonders of cycling tourism in Osona: routes and tips for an unforgettable adventure.

Recommended cycling routes in Osona

Osona is a region located mainly in the province of Barcelona, except for some municipalities, which belong to the province of Girona. It is a very versatile territory that does not leave bike lovers indifferent. And it is that the environment of the Osona region is totally varied and suitable for all types of cyclists. It is, without a doubt, the ideal setting to enjoy nature in a unique cycling experience, ranging from routes with family and friends to the most demanding routes that require good physical condition.

The main assets in the area are the 765km of marked MTB routes, 7 first, second and third category cycling climbs and emblematic events such as the Cabrerès BTT, the Jufré Riprimer March or the International Cyclocross Challenge. In addition, a traditional gastronomic offer with local products, the tranquility provided by the rural environment and the leisure and entertainment services of the city of Vic.

Cycling events in Osona

07/05/2024 12:00 am
On October 23 and 24, 2021, the tenth edition of Pedals de Clip in Sant Martí de Sarroca, a cycle touring event ...
25/02/2024 12:00 am
La Santa Vall, the Vall de Llémena bike festival in Sant Gregori is scheduled for March 6, 2022. A MTB and Gravel ...
Road, Gravel
24/05/2024 12:00 am
On April 1, 2 and 3, 2022, a new edition of the Girona MTB Singletrack will return, the MTB festival. It is an ...
20/05/2024 12:00 am
The 100% Half Empuriabrava event is scheduled for May 20 and 21, 2023, in one of the most charming coastal ...

What to see in Osona

Monasterio de Sant Pere de Casserres

Sant Pere de Casserres, one of the most important monumental ensembles of Catalan Romanesque architecture. This monestir, the only benedicted order of the Osona region, preserves facing the original structure of the 11th century.

Sau Reservoir

The Sau Reservoir, in Vilanova de Sau, was inaugurated in 1962 and, since then, it has been a very important tourist attraction in the region. Under its waters hides the old town of Sant Romà de Sau.

Sant Martí Castle

Hanging from the top of one of the steep walls of the Bertí cingles are the ruins of what must have been one of the most imposing castles in the region at the time. Remains of the walls and a Romanesque chapel are preserved.

Ter Industrial Museum

Museum dedicated to the industrialization process that was generated around the River Ter in the 19th century. You can see the factory's turbines in operation, an exhibition on cotton spinning and another on the ecosystems of Mediterranean rivers.

Frequently asked questions for cyclists who want to get to know Osona

For cycling enthusiasts, Osona presents a plethora of captivating routes that showcase the region’s natural beauty. One of the most alluring options is the “Collsacabra Circuit.” This route winds through charming villages, verdant valleys, and unveils the awe-inspiring Collsacabra cliffs. If you’re seeking a more challenging adventure, the “Puigsagordi-Bracons Loop” is a must-try. Renowned for its stunning landscapes, this route takes you through the heart of the Bracons Massif, rewarding your efforts with sweeping views of the picturesque surroundings.

Osona is home to the iconic “Coll de Bracons,” a climb that has captured the hearts of cyclists far and wide. Ascending this legendary pass is a true test of endurance and determination. As you conquer the challenging switchbacks, the ascent culminates in a triumphant arrival at the summit, where you’ll be greeted by breathtaking panoramic vistas that stretch across the Osona region and beyond.

Nestled within the Catalonia region of Spain, Osona is a cyclist’s dream destination due to its diverse and captivating terrain. The region offers a unique blend of landscapes, from flat and rolling plains to dramatic mountain ranges, providing cyclists with an unparalleled variety of routes to explore. Whether you’re an avid road cyclist or a mountain biking enthusiast, Osona’s versatility ensures that every cyclist’s preferences are catered to.

Cyclists in Osona are in for a treat when it comes to refueling at cyclist-friendly coffee stops. Café Pedal, a local favorite, goes the extra mile to cater to cyclists’ needs. With its cozy ambiance and an array of energy-boosting snacks, it’s the perfect pit stop to recharge before continuing your ride. Another gem is “Bici Café Vic,” a popular haunt where cyclists can indulge in delicious treats while mingling with fellow riders, creating a sense of camaraderie that enhances the overall cycling experience.

Osona takes pride in its commitment to ensuring a seamless and enjoyable cycling experience for riders of all levels. Along popular cycling routes, cyclists can expect well-marked trails that provide clear guidance, ensuring you stay on course and never miss a scenic view. Additionally, strategically placed repair shops offer assistance in case of any mechanical issues, giving you peace of mind as you explore the picturesque landscapes. Water stations are conveniently located to keep you hydrated and energized throughout your journey.

Absolutely, Osona offers a perfect blend of family-friendly cycling options that allow everyone to join in the outdoor fun. The “Via Verde” trail is a shining example, offering a gentle and scenic path that’s suitable for cyclists of all ages. This disused railway line has been transformed into a cycling haven, offering a safe and car-free environment where families can pedal together while taking in the beauty of Osona’s countryside.

Osona’s cycling community comes alive with the annual “Marxa Cicloturista Jufré Riuprimer” event, a highlight for cycling enthusiasts of all levels. This event gathers cyclists from near and far to participate in a range of routes tailored to different skill levels, making it an inclusive experience for riders of varying abilities. The event not only offers the thrill of a cycling challenge but also provides an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for two-wheeled adventures.

Osona’s Mediterranean climate provides a cyclist-friendly environment for much of the year. Spring and autumn emerge as the prime seasons for cycling, with mild temperatures and comfortable weather. During these times, you can enjoy your rides without the intense heat of summer or the chill of winter. The lush landscapes and vibrant colors that accompany these seasons add an extra layer of beauty to your cycling experience, while reduced tourist crowds ensure a more tranquil journey through Osona’s stunning terrain.