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Cycling in Santa Pola

Discover the wonders of cycling tourism in Santa Pola: routes and tips for an unforgettable adventure.

Recommended cycling routes in Santa Pola

Santa Pola: pure nature without getting off your bike! The ideal coastal town to get away from it all and enjoy your Alicante cycling getaway. With more than 11 km of beaches and very few slopes, it is a recommended destination for nature and cycling lovers.

In the Sierra de Santa Pola you can do different routes between birds and pines, and admire the island of Tabarca from the point of view of the lighthouse or enjoy one of the incredible sunsets.

If you follow the road to Torrevieja, take a break at the Tamarit Tower to admire the hundreds of flamingos that live in the Salinas de Santa Pola Nature Reserve.

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If you are looking to enjoy more recreational cycling, we recommend you this Alicante municipality. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the castle-fortress of Santa Pola and / or to go to the neighboring island of Tabarca.

Magnificent bike rides along the Mediterranean Sea in this beautiful enclave in the province of Alicante. Are you going to miss the opportunity?

Cycling events in Santa Pola

02/06/2024 8:00 am
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Aitana Tour cycling event to the Costa Blanca is scheduled on June 4, 2023. Home to the cycling sports event in its ...
25/06/2024 8:00 am
On June 17, 2023, the Iron Gravel will take place, the cycling championship in a cycling paradise. In Busot ...

What to see in Santa Pola

Santa Pola Castle

This historical castle is perched on a hill overlooking the town and offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. Visitors can explore its medieval architecture, climb the tower for panoramic vistas, and learn about the region's history.

Playa Levante

This sandy beach stretches along the coast of Santa Pola, offering a perfect spot for relaxation and water activities. With its calm waters and amenities, Playa Levante is ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and enjoying the Mediterranean atmosphere.

Salinas de Santa Pola Natural Park

This salt marsh and wetland area is a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. It's home to numerous bird species, including flamingos, and offers walking paths to observe the unique flora and fauna.

Tabarca Island

A short boat ride from Santa Pola takes you to Tabarca Island, known for its crystal-clear waters, snorkeling opportunities, and charming village. The island's marine reserve makes it a popular spot for underwater exploration.

Frequently asked questions for cyclists who want to get to know Santa Pola

Santa Pola’s combination of scenic beauty, diverse cycling routes, and favorable climate attracts cyclists seeking varied terrain and picturesque landscapes.

Santa Pola is situated on the southeastern coast of Spain, in the province of Alicante. Cyclists can easily reach Santa Pola by road or by flying into Alicante-Elche Airport, which is nearby.

Cyclists in Santa Pola can enjoy routes like the “Coastal Loop,” which offers breathtaking views along the Mediterranean coast, and the “Santa Pola to Elche Trail,” taking riders through scenic landscapes.

One iconic climb near Santa Pola is the “Sierra de Santa Pola Ascent.” This challenging climb rewards cyclists with panoramic views of the surrounding region and the Mediterranean Sea.

Absolutely. Santa Pola offers cycling routes catering to various skill levels. From easy coastal rides to more challenging climbs, cyclists of all levels can find suitable options.

Yes, bike rental shops in Santa Pola offer a variety of bike types, including road bikes and mountain bikes. Renting a bike is a convenient way for cyclists to explore the local routes and landscapes.

Throughout the year, Santa Pola hosts cycling events and guided tours suitable for cyclists of different proficiencies. These events provide opportunities to discover new routes and connect with fellow cyclists.

Apart from cycling, Santa Pola offers attractions like the Santa Pola Castle, the beautiful beaches, and the natural park of “Salinas de Santa Pola,” a unique wetland ecosystem.