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El Vilar de la Duquessa – by Duquessa Hotel Collection


Cycling Route “El Vilar de la Duquessa – MTB by Duquessa Hotel Collection”

Distance: Approximately 50 kilometers (round trip).

Difficulty: Moderate, suitable for experienced mountain bikers.

Description of the Route:

  1. Beginning: Start at the Duquessa Hotel Collection, an ideal starting point for this exciting mountain bike adventure. Be sure to bring all the necessary equipment and check the bike before you set off.
  2. Rural road: Leave the hotel and take a country road that will take you inland. The route will lead you through mountain landscapes and forests.
  3. Promotion: The route includes some challenging climbs. Get ready to put your climbing skills to the test as you take in the panoramic views of the surrounding area.
  4. Creek Crossing: Somewhere along the way, you’ll come to a stream. Be prepared to cross it with caution, as there may be uneven terrain.
  5. Thrilling descent: After reaching the highest point of the route, you will enjoy a thrilling descent. Be sure to use proper descent techniques and control your speed.
  6. Forest & Winding Trails: Much of the route will take you through forests with winding trails. Pay attention to the signs and follow the signs so you don’t get lost.
  7. Stage breaks: Take the opportunity to take breaks and enjoy the views. The natural beauty of the area is breathtaking.
  8. Return: After completing the route, return to the Duquessa Hotel Collection for some rest and relaxation.

Remember to bring water, a bike repair kit, and always follow the safety rules when mountain biking. Be sure to get up-to-date local information on trails and conditions before you hit the route. Have fun exploring El Vilar de la Duquessa by mountain bike!

The Route

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