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Gran Fondo Pico de las Nieves

01/12/2024 7:00 am









The Escalada al Pico de las Nieves is scheduled again on September 25, 2023 in Gran Canaria. This cycling event is one of the most recognized in sports calendars. With the UCI seal and a major challenge, 71 km at 1,915 m altitude with 23% vertical drop in what is considered the most difficult climb in Europe.



The organization has set a limit of 200 participants for each of the distances and it is allowed to participate with e-bikes. Registration prices will be between 20 and 35 euros in the Starter and Advanced terms, depending on whether the participant is federated or not and according to the section in which the registration is formalized. In the case of the Escalada al Pico de las Nieves mode, the price will be between 45 and 60 euros. Cancellation insurance can be taken out for 6 euros. You can register for the event from March 10 to May 25, 2022.


The route

For the 2022 edition, the Escalada al Pico de las Nieves will have 3 different routes, adapted to the abilities of each participant. The original route, the only one passing through the Pico de las Nieves pass, has a distance of 71 km and a positive slope of 2760 m. At an intermediate point is the Advanced category, with 55 km and 1530 m of positive slope, which reaches its maximum height at the Col de La Pasadilla, at 710 m. An ascent with a demanding slope and a few sections to take a break.

The Starter category will be the easiest. Participants in this category will face 31 km with a positive slope of 785 m and a maximum altitude of 562, at Pico Bandama, a pass that winds through the vineyards of Tafira.

The 3 routes will start in Telde, in Plaza San Juan, and the Starter category will also have its arrival at the same point. The Escalada al Pico de las Nieves and the Advanced category will have 2 timed sections each, and the Starter category will have 1 timed section.


Where can I stay for the Escalada al Pico de las Nieves?

For the occasion, you can take the opportunity to stay in one of the Cycling Friendly accommodations specially for cyclists in Gran Canaria, en Gran Canaria.


Where can I rent a bike?

If you want to rent a bike to enjoy your Escalada al Pico de las Nieves, you can check the availability of bicycles in the area in our search engine, disponibilidad de bicicletas.


Race conditions

Cyclists must at all times occupy the right lane. The timed sections will be carried out with the road closed to traffic. Two sections will be established with time limits in Escalada al Pico de las Nieves. In the event that this cut-off is not exceeded, the cyclist must abandon the event or continue under his responsibility.

Participation in the event is authorized for federates and non-federates over 18 years old. They must wear an approved helmet. All participants who complete the test will receive a Finisher Medal. The first three classified in the Escalada al Pico de las Nieves modality in each category will be eligible for cash prizes of up to 300 euros.

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