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Gran Canaria Bike Week

01/12/2024 8:00 am









Once again, the Gran Canaria Bike Week from December 4 to 11, 2023. 33 years already, since 1988, the great protagonist of Gran Canaria! is the bike A unique way to enjoy the island on two wheels. 


All stages of the Gran Canaria Bike Week

This year, the Gran Canaria Bike Week consists of maximum 9 stages. Participants can choose to register for one, several or all events, to suit the wishes of each cyclist.


Gran Canaria Southeast

The first stage starts on December 4 at 8 a.m. at the Faro de Maspalomas. It has a distance of 101 km and a slope of 1,500 m in the Advance course, and 62 km and a slope of 600 m in the Starter course. This departure is the first contact, through towns such as Vecindario, Agüimes, Temisas (olive growing area of Gran Canaria) and Santa Lucía.


Gran Canaria South – North

The second stage has a distance of 84.5 km and more than 1,500 m of positive slope in the Advance category, and a distance of 45.5 km and 1340 m of positive slope in the Starter category. Like the previous stage, this stage starts from the Faro de Maspalomas via the intense Alto de las Crucitas (3rd category). It also crosses the ravine of Barranco de Telde by the Puente de los Siete Ojos bridge, and just after conquering the second climb: Lomitos de Correa (2nd category). After a break at the foot of the church of Valsequillo, the participants will start the ascent of the last climb: Tenteniguada (2nd category and 1,015 m above sea level). The stage ends with the descent towards San Mateo to reach Santa Brígida, for the final stage.


Gran Canaria North – South

Third stage of Gran Canaria Bike Week, 68 km and slope of 1530 m for the Advance distance, and 47.5 km with slope of 470 m for the Starter distance. The Advance stage begins with a first essential climb: Llanos de la Pez (starting point of the stage, which avoids a major effort). A nearly 20 km climb at an average of 6%, reaching a slope of 1,700 m, which will place participants almost at the top of the island.

The survivors of this climb will join the participants of the starting stage to descend through pine forests and with the majestic Roque Nublo as a watchtower towards Ayacata. The main refreshment point will be in Tunte, from where the descent to Fataga will begin. Once past Arteara, we will reach the Mirador de la Degollada de la Yegüa, a climb much shorter than the first one but rather challenging. We finish at Maspalomas to complete this third stage.


Maspalomas Bike

December 7th is a bit more relaxed than the day before. More than one of you will surely remember. 32 km with a positive slope of 505 m on a classic circular route. Starting from the Faro de Maspalomas towards Ayaguares, the stage climbs to Pedro Gonzalez boasting unique views. Provisioning is offered to participants. From there the descent to Montaña La Data will start, with the finish line at Faro de Maspalomas.


Circular Barranquillo Andrés

Circular route. The stage of December 8 will once again be 85 km and 1,515 m of positive slope, with start and finish at the Faro de Maspalomas. This is a classic Gran Canaria course, which will also include a 9 km timed section. A section that starts after passing El Pajar and Las Filipinas and ends after climbing the Alto de Cruz de San Antonio. Without the timed section, participants will begin the descent towards Pie de la Cuesta, to turn left to cross Mogán towards its port, where they will find a provisioning point. From there, the peloton will continue through the Taurito tunnel to advance directly towards the end of the stage in Maspalomas.



The calm before the storm. On December 8, you have two options: to climb the very difficult Barranquillo Andrés (with elevations of 16%), or a relaxation day.

This is how the organization defines it for those who want to relax their legs: a tour through the capital of Gran Canaria. A proposal offering a guided tour of the emblematic spots of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with the collaboration of Sitycletas. The route will start in Santa Catalina Park and visit well-known spots such as the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, the Pérez Galdós Theater and Vegueta. A break between climbs.


The sumit of Gran Canaria

After the relaxing day before, it will be time to get up early for this stage in which it will be possible to participate in Advance (124 km and a 2,700 m slope), Intermedia (92 km and a 2,240 m slope) or Starter (62 km and a 960 m slope). This is the first year that this stage has been organized, replacing the climb to Pico de las Nieves, an event which took place within the framework of Gran Canaria Bike Week but which has acquired its own entity.

The departure is from Maspalomas, passing through Agüimes and Ingenio to Telde, starting point of the climb to Pico de las Nieves via Cazadores. Once at the top, all participants regroup to descend to Maspalomas via Ayacata.


Green Gran Canaria 

For the penultimate day, a race is repeated: Green Gran Canaria. 73 km with a slope of 1,577 m in the Advance category and 53 km and a slope of 600 m in the Starter category. The route starts and ends in the municipality of Arucas, at the foot of its church, passing through places like Moya, Fontanales or Montaña Alta. The most difficult section of the route is the ascent to Fontanales, where, surrounded by eucalyptus trees, almost 1000 m of positive slope will be accumulated in the first 25 km. Those who opt for the Starter mode will start their route from this point, hence the slope difference.


Love Gran Canaria

End of the Gran Canaria Bike Week stage with a route accessible to all. All cyclists who have completed at least one of the stages can participate. We plan 53 km with 730 m of positive slope during which we will follow the coast line passing through Pasito Blanco, El Pajar, Arguineguín, Patalavaca, Puerto Rico, Amadores, Tauro and Taurito. The departure and arrival are, once again, the Faro de Maspalomas. Once participants cross the finish line, a trophy ceremony will be held, followed by a final party at the event's official hotel, Suites & Villas 4 * by Dunas.


How to register for the Gran Canaria Bike Week

With so many different stages and modalities, it is logical that we have doubts about registration for the race. They can be divided into:

  1. Registration for the full event or Weekly Pack (from December 4 to 11).
  2. Partial registration for the event or Grand Tour Pack (from December 4 to 8).
  3. Registration for individual stages.

To further clarify the conditions and prices, here is a table:

Prices Gran Canaria Bike Week 2021
Registration Canary Islands resident price
Canary Islands resident price
Not federated
Non-resident price
Pack Semanal Advance/Starter 190 230 330
Pack Gran Tour Advance Starter 150 175 220
Gran Canaria Sureste 30 35 45
Gran Canaria Sur – Norte 45 50 60
Gran Canaria Norte – Surt 45 50 60
Maspalomas Bike 25 30 40
Circular Barranquillo Andrés 40 45 55
LPGC Tour 25 25 25
Cima de Gran Canaria 45 50 60
Gran Canaria Verde 40 45 55
Love Gran Canaria 45 50 60

Prices do not vary according to the level of difficulty of the course (Advance, Intermedia or Starter). The Weekly Pack and the Grand Tour Pack include one of the 3 jerseys for the race when you register. If you opt for one stage and wish to get the jersey, the price is 20 euros.

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