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Half Madrid Triatlón

16/06/2025 6:00 am









Half Madrid Triathlon is back! Do not miss this important meeting of the season, scheduled for May 21, 2023; the triathlon will envelop the capital in a spectacular atmosphere and a unique course. You are not registered yet? If you are passionate about medium distance triathlon, don't hesitate any longer and start training!



Total participation, including both Half and Short modalities, is expected to be 800 registrants (subject to health authority limitations). The price of the Half distance is 140 € (for non-federated 150 €) and for the Short distance 60 € (and 70 for non-federated)

Do not wait until the last day and book your registration now for the Half Madrid Triathlon!


The stage

The program consists of two tests WITHOUT DRAFTING

– 1.800 m. swimming in the Lago de la Casa de Campo
– 83 km. single lap cycling
– 19 km. running segment, a tour around the Lago de la Casa de Campo, passing through the Huerta de la Partida, Madrid Rio, and ending at the Puente del Rey.

– 900 m. swimming
– 40 km. single lap cycling
– 10 km. running segment, in the same scenarios as the Half test

The transition area is located on the soccer field at Lago de la Casa de Campo and the goal in Puente del Rey.


Where can I stay for the Half Madrid Triathlon?

If you are interested in an accommodation with Cycling Friendly certification where you can pamper your bike to the maximum before the competition, you can find interesting options. Have you already chosen your accommodation?


Where can I rent a bicycle?

At Cycling Friendly we have a wide selection of rental bikes for the Half Madrid Triathlon. Find yours!

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