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The famous InfinitriMan in Castellón (Comunidad Valenciana) is scheduled in October 2023, a competitive event with the UCI seal.

Organized by Infinitri and the Municipality of Castellón, Infinitriman is one of the most exciting events on the peninsula; the modalities Ultraman and Half Ultraman will be the two most epic events of the organization, with a registration capacity of 70 participants per test.


The route

The different stages will take place on the beach of Castellón and its surroundings, reaching the mountainous area of Castellón.


Distance Ultra

Stage 1

The first stage includes the swimming segment and the cycling segment. Swimming consists of 5 laps of 2 km each, where the athlete has to get out of the water on each lap. The cut-off time that has been set is 6 hours.

After the swimming segment, 132.6 km of cycling await us throughout the province of Castellón, with 1,500 m of positive slope. The first 40 km section can be covered quickly due to the low drop. The towns of Castellón and Vall d'Uxo are connected to it.

Once we reach the first third of the race, we will enter the Sierra de Espadán Natural Park, where the athlete will connect the climbs known as Marianet (5.1 km / 242 m / 4.7 %), Eslida (5.5 km / 260 m / 4.5%) or Aín (6.5 km / 261 m / 3.9%).

Once you have passed the mountain passes, you will turn towards Castellón, bypassing the Ribesalbes reservoir with a rapid descent to the finish line.

After swimming, the stage continues with 132.6 km by bike through the province of Castellón, with 1500m of positive slope. The first 40 km are very fast and connect the towns of Castellón and Vall d'Uxó. From here we enter the spectacular Sierra de Espadán Natural Park and its quiet roads, connecting mythical passes such as Marianet (5.1 km / 242 m / 4.7%), Eslida (5.5 km / 260 m / 4.5%) or Aín (6.5 km / 261 m / 3.9%), which will be the three climbs of the day. From here and back to Castellón, we will bypass the spectacular Ribesalbes reservoir to reach Borriol and descend to the finish line.

The cut-off time from the sum of both segments will be 12 hours.


Stage 2

The second stage consists entirely of a single cycling segment, over 280 km long. In this one you start north up to Oropesa, where the athletes will find the Cabanes pass, a section that is not too difficult to start. From there, the race is directed to the towns of Vall d'Alba and Vilafamés.

Before reaching the highest section of the race, the Mas del Collao (663 m), you pass through La Barona, les Useres or Azdaneta. From here we find a gradual descent of 70 km that leads to Peñíscola, where you can admire the view of its castle. From there, the route will pass through Càlig, Sant Jordi and Cervera del Mestre and Sant Mateu, before returning to Cabanes to direct the last section towards Castellón.

The cut-off limit for this step was set at 12.5 hours.


Stage 3

The last stage of the InfinitriMan consists of two laps of 42 km of race with little slope following the coastal road from the beaches of Castellón to the Vía Verde which connects Benicàssim to Oropesa. The deadline for this last stage will be 12 hours.



Registrations can only be made on the official website, en la web oficial, of the Campus in the registration section. Payment will be made via bank transfer. Registration prices currently range between 900 and 1100 euros, including accommodation on the days of the race.


Where can I stay for the Infinitriman?

The best certified Cycling Friendly accommodation in Castellón. Find your favorite accommodation!


Where to rent a bike?

At Cycling Friendly, we have a wide variety of bikes for rent for the Infinitriman. Find yours!


Race conditions

The conditions and rules of the race are those of any homologated triathlon competition.

In terms of the conditions, they do not go beyond those of any approved event, such as mandatory helmet, bib number, federative license, etc.

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