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La Purito Andorra

11/08/2024 6:00 am









The highly anticipated edition of La Purito Andorra, one of the most popular Andorran events in the principality, is scheduled for August 6, 2023. Sant Julià de Lória hosts the start while the finish line is at the top of Els Cortals d'Encamp. The event has three possible distances, adapted to all cycling profiles.


Registration for La Purito Andorra is currently open. The rates range between 55 and 75 depending on the date of registration, with a supplement of 10 euros in the case of a non-federated participant. The registration deadline is June 30, with a limit of 2,000 participants.

If registration for the event is cancelled, the amount will be refunded in full if canceled before April 30, 80% refund of registration before May 31 and 50% refund before June 30.

The race will have liquid and solid supplies for all distances.

The stage

La Purito Andorra has 3 different distances, all starting in Sant Julià de Lória and arriving in Cortals d'Encamp. The short distance is made up of 30 km and a positive slope of 1,700 m, passing through the Alt de la Comella and the aforementioned arrival pass. The intermediate distance is made up of 80 km and 3,500 m of elevation gain, passing through the Alt de la Rabassa, the Coll de la Gallina and the Alt de la Comella.

Finally, the long distance consists of 115 km and a breathtaking slope of 4,800 m, passing through the Alt de la Rabassa, the Coll de la Gallina, the Alt de la Comella, the Collada de Beixalis and the Coll d'Ordino in a spectacular combination of ascents and descents through the Andorran mountains.

Where can I stay for La Purito Andorra?

If you want to stay in a Cycling Friendly certified hotel in the area, you can find some great options.

Where can I rent a bike?

At Cycling Friendly we have a wide selection of rental bikes for La Purito Andorra. Find yours!

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