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Madrid 7 Picos

11/05/2024 6:00 am


The first edition of the Madrid 7 Picos is scheduled for October 7 and 8, a cycling event in two stages,160 and 70 km respectively.

Discover the Sierra de Madrid with this cycling event, 230 km and 4,100 m positive slope and 7 of Madrid's most iconic climbs.


The participants of the Madrid 7 Picos can register in two modalities: the 2-stage modality, the price of which is 99 euros, and the 5-peak modality, the first of the stages of which is on September 17, and the price is 70 euros.


The first stage will be the most challenging. More than 160 km with a slope of 2,870 m. The biggest attraction will be the first ascent, the Morcuera, a first category climb with an altitude of 1,800 m. In addition to the aforementioned, the participants will have to make a great effort to cross the ascents of Canencia, Campadales, del Cardoso and de la Hieruela, having to climb the last three within barely 30 km.

The second stage will not have the same challenging level as the first day, with 66 km and a slope of 1,240 m, the great attraction will be the ascent to Puerto de la Puebla, preceded by the ascent to the Viola de Robledillo. More than 1,600 m altimetry in a demanding climb but to be enjoyed.

Where can I stay for the Siete Picos de Madrid?

Any doubt about where to stay for the Siete Picos de Madrid? You can check the offer of Cycling Friendly accommodations available in Madrid.

Where can I rent a bike in Madrid?

If you want to rent a bike during the Siete Picos, you can check the availability in the area.

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