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On April 26, 2025, you can enjoy a new edition of the most renowned cyclosportive event on the island, the Mallorca 312. With up to three different distances, this event sells out registrations within hours every year. Could this be your year? Here are some aspects to consider before registering for the Mallorca 312, an event that brought together up to 8,000 participants from around the world.

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Is it worth participating in a cyclosportive event in Mallorca?

Mallorca is undoubtedly one of the premier cyclosportive destinations in Europe. It stands out for its wide range of cyclist-friendly accommodations, the variety of bikes available for rent on the island, and the countless routes, especially on the roads, that cyclists can explore. If you need reasons to understand how worthwhile it is to experience a cycling event in Mallorca, we have prepared a cycling guide to the island with everything you need to know. When you read it, you'll feel a sense of discovery and an irresistible desire to explore Mallorca - guaranteed!

Why should you participate in the Mallorca 312?

Let's not beat around the bush: the Mallorca 312 is currently the most significant cyclosportive event in Mallorca, and taking part in it means, among many other things, being present at the island's event where the passion for cycling is lived most intensely. Additionally, its three routes are very comprehensive despite the differences in distances. All of them cover a significant stretch of the Serra de Tramuntana, where participants enjoy some of the best mountain passes, landscapes, and viewpoints overlooking the sea in all of Mallorca. The event already has a well-established history, and it's not uncommon to see cycling legends like Alberto Contador or Joseba Beloki participating.

What distances are there, and what are the routes?

The savvy ones among you may have guessed that the race's name corresponds to the cyclosportive's distance. Yes: Mallorca 312, 312 km. That's the challenging distance that will make your legs ache for at least a week, unless your name is Wout and your surname is Van Aert. Five thousand and some meters of elevation gain, so here's the track, and then you decide what to do... Fortunately, there are two more distances, but neither of them can be considered easy: 225 and 167 km, respectively. And if we take a look at the elevation gain for these two distances, we'll see that they are by no means a walk in the park: 3,500 m and 2,300 meters of elevation gain in each case attest to the challenge.

What should I consider in my preparation if I opt for the long distance?

Although the Mallorca 312 is not known for having mountain passes with dizzying altitudes, 312 km can be extremely long without proper preparation. Keep in mind that the first 150 km are a pure mountain adventure, with numerous mountain passes, curves, and ups and downs that can leave us breathless. As a recommendation, in addition to working on long distances beforehand, you should learn to manage fatigue well, considering that

Which mountain passes stand out the most in the event?

Those daring enough to choose the long distance will have to conquer no less than 10 different mountain passes. Although we have passes like Coll den Bleda, Coll des Pi, or Es Capdellà, which are certainly more accessible, others like the Coll de Femenía, Coll d'en Claret, and above all, the Puig Major, will be altitude conquests. It's also worth noting that the Mallorca 312 route has a first part clearly marked by the mountains, with the Serra de Tramuntana as its epicenter, and a second part that is practically flat. It is in this first sector where we will encounter all the mountain passes.

How much does it cost to participate, and how can I register?

Registrations for the Mallorca 312 edition usually sell out within hours, with prices around €100. Registration is done through the official event website.

Where can I stay for the Mallorca 312?

The Mallorca 312 cyclosportive starts in Playa de Muro, where you can find both hotels and vacation homes tailored for cyclists, complete with a Cycling Center and a bike tool workshop. Similarly, there are many locations near the area, such as Alcúdia or Pollença, where you can also find specialized accommodations. We all know how important it is to be located near the event's starting area, and in this case, the offer will not be lacking :-).

Can I get a race number if registrations have already closed?

You still have a chance. Check our website for travel packages that offer you the opportunity to get a race number.

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