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Mussara Hunting Dogs

13/05/2023 12:00 am


A new event to delight Gravel lovers is scheduled on 13, May 2023: the Mussara Hunting Dogs. An event touring some of the best places on the Costa Brava with Gravel bikes. The goal of the Mussara Hunting Dogs is to create a festive event without a competitive objective, allowing different distances so that everyone can join this gravel party on the Costa Brava.

The Mussara label focuses on the creation of Hunting Dogs Costa Brava with the idea of sharing the essence of this type of cycling, not only as a sport, but also as companionship, adventure, freedom and good vibes.


The price of registration depends on the route in which each wishes to register:

  • 5€- Ballena Family Gravel
  • 35€ – Aiguamolls
  • 35€ – Empúries
  • 45€ – Cap de Creus
  • 45€ – Medes
  • 65€ – Aiguamolls + Empúries
  • 70€ – Cap de Creus + Empúries
  • 70€ – Aiguamolls + Medes
  • 80€ – Cap de Creus + Medes

The Stage

The organization has adapted different routes for all audiences. The participants will appreciate, both on Saturday as on Sunday, a short course or a long course. In addition, on Saturday, the Ballena Family Gravel event also includes a family course of 7.5 km to be experienced with the family.

The first day, the short route of 46 km, offers a circular route through the Aiguamolls de l'Empordà natural park and the mouths of the Fluvià and Muga rivers. In the case of the long route, participants will enjoy 99 km during which they will enter the Aiguamolls de l'Empordà Natural Park and then the Cap de Creus Natural Park.

On the second day, the short course will consist of 45 km, with 83% gravel terrain and 17% road, on a generally flat route to experience the beauty of Empúries. The long route will consist of a circular route of 77 km passing through the Parque Natural de los Aiguamolls de l'Empordà, the Parque Natural del Montgrí, Illes Medes and the Baix Ter.

Where can I stay for Mussara Hunting Dogs?

Not sure where to stay for Mussara Hunting Dogs? You can check the Cycling Friendly accommodations available on the Costa Brava.

Where can I rent a bike?

If you want to rent a bike during Mussara Hunting Dogs, you can check the availability of bikes in the area.

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