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Nova Eroica Gran Sasso

08/06/2024 6:00 am









A new event from the Eroica label is scheduled for September 17: Nova Eroica Gran Sasso. An All-road cycling event in which participants will be surprised by the wild and breathtaking scenery of the Parque Nacional de Gran Sasso, in Abruzzo, the largest natural area in Europe and the true green heart of the Mediterranean.

The event is part of Nova Eroica, in which, unlike the classic Eroica, it is not necessary to participate with a vintage bike. Routes that wind through valleys and plateaus on your modern bike in pure Eroica style, seeking to recall the battles on the most gravel roads of Coppi, Bartali and company.


Although gravel bikes are the most recommended, registered participants can use gravel, road and cyclocross bikes.

The registration price for the Nova Eroica Gran Sasso is 35 euros for members of the Eroica Cycle Club, and between 50 and 70 euros for the rest of the participants, varying according to the registration date range.


The event Nova Eroica Gran Sasso has up to three possible routes. The shortest, 53 km and with a slope of more than 1,000 m, will take us to enjoy the ancient castle of Rocca di Calascio, and a unique opportunity to discover an area rich in nature and history through the surrounding valleys, crossing towns such as Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Castelvecchio Calvisio, Castel del Monte or Calascio, spots that seem stuck in the history of Abruzzo.

The medium route will be 93 km and a slope of 2,050 m. Almost 100 km in the heart of the Parque Nacional de Gran Sasso, around Campo Imperatore, considered by some to be Italian Tibet, being the largest plateau of the Apennines ridge with a length of 27 km and an average width of 8 km.

Finally, the most difficult route is over 142 km and a slope of more than 3,250 m, with the Santuario of Giovanni Paolo II as the reference point.

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