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Pedals de Clip

15/09/2024 6:00 am









On October 23 and 24, 2021, the tenth edition of Pedals de Clip in Sant Martí de Sarroca, a cycle touring event where participants are invited to participate in this classic cycling event.

This bike tour can only be done with classic road bikes, that means bikes before 1987 with clip or brake pedals (hence the name of the event), wiring brake above the handlebars and levers on the frame. It is also allowed to use bicycles with newly built but retro-style frames fitted with vintage components.

This classic cycling event is in line with other types of gears of retro or vintage bicycles, well established in some European countries and increasingly popular in Spain.

This is not a competition event and the goal is to create a gathering where fans of classic bikes can have fun in the environment created by Pedals de Clip. To help generate that classic atmosphere, participants are advised to wear period clothing, shoes and helmets.

The routes

Pedals de Clip will have two routes, a long one of 80 km and a short one of 49 km, through the Penedès de Catalunya region, between Barcelona and Tarragona.

The route runs between narrow roads, paved rural tracks with little traffic and short stretches of dirt track where participants will glimpse beautiful vineyards, farmhouses and wineries.

Long route: 80 km

pedals de clip 2021

Short route: 49 km


Optional routes

In addition to the two previous routes, the organization offers two optionals that combine sections of the short route with the long one, with distances of 70 and 59 km respectively.


Time trial climb

During the event, the third Pedals de Clip Chronoescalada will take place in Castillo de Sa Roca on October 23 at 5:00 p.m. From the center of the city of Sant Martí to the top of the castle, we are facing an intense two-kilometer time trial event. The test has a male and a female category and prizes for each of the top three in each category. The time trial should be carried out with classic bikes.


There are up to 3 registration modalities:

  1. Classic Bike Tour, the price for federated cyclists is 42 euros and 50 euros for non-federated cyclists.
  2. Classic Bike Tour + Cronoescalada, price of 51 euros for federates and 59 euros for non-federates.
  3. Only Cronoescalada, the price 10 euros.

The registration deadline is October 20, and those who have already registered in 2020 when this event could not take place, can register for free in 2021.

Registration includes:

  • Juice and pasta at the start
  • En-route provisioning stations
  • Provisioning on arrival
  • Bib numbers for the bike and for the jersey
  • Garment bag
  • Bottle of Penedès wine
  • Classic bicycle bottle
  • Classic cycling cap
  • Gifts from our collaborators
  • Medals at the finish in the castle
  • Beer on arrival
  • Arrival Xips
  • Prize draw on arrival
  • Prizes and medals in the Chronoscalada

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