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Teide 360

15/04/2025 6:00 am









Desafío Tenerife Teide 360º is scheduled for April 15, 2023, a non-competitive MTB de Gran Fondo de categoría UCI. Self-supply based, the aim is nothing less than cycling around Mount Teide in one stage. 

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Why should you live the Teide 360º experience?

Experiencing a challenge like Teide 360º is not within reach every day. Everything around Mount Teide has a magical aura, and this case is no exception. In addition, the fact that there are a multitude of participation options (360, 180, 90, eBike, Gravel…) means that this event adapts to everyone's taste. There aren't many MTB events like this in Spain that can compare to incredible scenery.

When is Teide 360º 2023 scheduled?

The sixth edition of Teide 360º is scheduled for April 15, 2023.

What distances and routes?

Although the 360 route has 130 km and a 3,700 m slope, there are other participation options for those who want to take on a challenge that matches their level. There is the option of Desafío 180º, with 73 km and 2,300 m slope; the Desafío Teide 90º, with 50 km and 1,500 m slope; the Desafío Teide Gravel, with 130 km and 3,700 m slope; and the Teide e-Bike, in which the participants complete 73 with an altimetry of 2,300 m on e-MTBs.

Participation fee and how can I register?

There is currently no price list available on the event website. You can register on the event official website as soon as the registration page for the different categories opens.

Bike rental for Teide 360º?

If you plan to participate in Teide 360º but don't feel like bringing your own bike, you can choose to rent one for the event. At Cycling Friendly you can rent bicycles of all possible ranges and colors in Tenerife. No excuse: you can participate with the best on the market.

Where can I stay for Teide 360º?

Alojamientos ciclistas para la Teide 360

If you want to choose the best accommodation option, at Cycling Friendly we offer a wide range of specialized cycling hotels in Tenerife. Get the best experience tuning up your bike at one of the Cycling Centers with bike parking.

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