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Territorio Templario

21/10/2024 6:00 am









Territorio Templario is much more than an event! In fact, it's a 7 in 1 event where sport, culture and legend meet. An event that is scheduled on November 11, 12 and 13, 2023 in Castellón. A unique meeting during which participants can choose, in one of the 7 modalities, the fascinating way of discovering a legendary environment.


  1. Ultra Trail Experience
  2. Bike Experience
  3. Bike & Run Experience
  4. Ultra Trail Templario
  5. Mirador Trail Templario
  6. XC Maratón Templario Bike
  7. Kids Templarios

Ultra Trail Experience

If you are a trail running enthusiast, a different experience awaits you. In 3 stages and 3 days of coexistence, you will be able to cover approximately 100 km with a slope of 3,500 m of vertigo. In the form of semi-self-sufficiency, you will visit some of the towns of Castellón, where you will see their historical sites. Its highlight: Peníscola Castle.

The first stage consists of a night prologue by Les Coves Vinromà which consists of 4 km and 200 meters of slope. In this one we will visit the old town of the city and climb the Morería.

The second stage will take place, origin and arrival, at Les Coves Vinromà, with a stage of 52.58 km and a slope of 1642 m, passing through towns such as the Hermitage of San Juan Nepomuceno, the Sierra Engarcerán and the Sarratella with the finish line at Les Coves. Finally, the last stage starts from Coves Vinromà and culminates in Peñíscola on a 42.1 km course with more than 1,300 m slope. In this last stage, we cross the charming towns Alcalà de Xivert and Santa Magdalena de Pulpis.

Bike Experience

Territorio Templario MTB lovers also have a privileged spot. Cyclists cross paths and Templar castles through 3 stages of approximately 200 km, with a positive slope of 4,100 m. As on the Trail, the night prologue will take place at Coves Vinromà, with a course of 14 km and a slope of 200 m.

The second stage promises to bring out the most demanding side of everyone, with 95 km route and a positive slope of 2,167 m. In this stage, the participants visit cities such as La Sarratella, Ermita de San Juan Nepomuceno, Albocasse or Tirig. The third stage will also start from Les Coves towards Peníscola, with a distance of 86 km and a slope of almost 1,500 m, experiencing towns like Alcalà de Xivert, La Salzadella or Santa Magdalena de Pulpis.

Bike & Run Experience

If you are not sure whether to choose between cycling or trail running, the Bike & Run Experience is the ideal option for the undecided. 3 stages where the two modalities mix over approx 160 km and over 4000 m slope. The first stage of the night prologue will be identical to that of the Bike Experience, with its 14 km route through the historic center of Coves. The second stage will also be covered in MTB, and the third stage is the same as in Trail mode. Whatever, it would be the mixed paella of this event.

Ultra Trail Templario

If you want to participate in this Territorio Templario in trail mode, there is the possibility of participating in the Saturday stage: 52.58 km and 1642+; meet the brave who decided to live the full experience.

Mirador Trail Templario

If you dream of reaching the Peñíscola Castle on the marathon distance, this is the best option. 42 km with a demanding slope of 1300 m; not to be missed if you want to live the Templars' experience.

Those, who wish to start and participate in the Territorio de Templarios, challenge an event in a format to experience it to the fullest.

XC Maratón Templario Bike

If you want to experience the MTB stage on Saturday, you have the possibility of registering and covering the 95 km with its more than 2,100 m slope, on a route that will hardly disappoint.

Kids Templarios

The Territorio Templario did not forget the children (from 12 years old), and for the occasion it allowed its own event. A course of 4 km and 200 m slope on Saturday 29 October, allowing the little ones to participate in this characteristic sporting experience passing through the calanques of Vinromà. Today's CHILDREN Templars will be the GREAT Templars of tomorrow.

Registrations and prices

  • Ultra Trail Experience (3 Stages, Night Prologue + Maratón Trail + Maratón Trail): From 165 euros.
  • Bike Experience (3 Stages, Night Prologue + XC Maratón + XC Maratón): From 185 euros.
  • Bike & Run Experience (3 Stages, Night Prologue + XC Maratón + Maratón Trail): From 205 euros
  • Maratón Trail: 39 euros.
  • Mirador Trail Templario: 49 euros.
  • XC Maratón: 49 euros.
  • Kids Templarios: 8 euros.


Where can I stay for the Territorio Templario?

The best accommodations with a Cycling Friendly certification in Castellón. Find your favourite accommodation!


Where to rent a bicycle?

 At Cycling Friendly we have a wide range of bicycles to rent for the Territorio Templario. Find yours!

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