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Triatlón de Islantilla

30/05/2024 10:00 pm









The Islantilla triathlon is a sporting event (included in the calendar of the Andalusian Triathlon Federation) scheduled on October 15 in a unique enclave shared by the municipalities of Isla Cristina and Lepe.



Triatlón de Islantilla (Half Distance)

100 € for Federates and 107 € for Non Federates. Federated until July 1 and 2 and non-federated until July 2.

120 € for Federates and 127 € for Non Federates. From Saturday July 3 to Saturday July 31.

135 € for Federates and 142 € for Non Federates. From Sunday August 1 to Tuesday August 31.

140 € for Federates and 147 € for Non Federates. From Wednesday September 1 until the registration deadline.


Triatlón de Islantilla (Olympic Distance)

€ 38 for Federated and € 45 for Non-Federated. Federated until July 1 and 2 and not federated until July 2.

€ 45 for Federated  and € 52 for Non-Federated. From Saturday July 3 to Saturday July 31.

€ 50 for Federated  and € 57 for Non-Federated. From Sunday, August 1 to Tuesday, August 31.

€ 55 for Federated  and € 62 for Non-Federated. From Wednesday, September 1 until registration deadline.


The Route

The swimming segment (1,900 meters for Half and 1,500 meters for the Olympic) will take place in the Atlantic, in particular on the beach in front of the Pescadores district in La Antilla. Then, in the cycling segment (84 km for the Half and 39 km for the Olympic), the route starts from the Beach Club of Islantilla to Isla Cristina, La Antilla and La Redondela, to finally finish at the same starting point. Finally, the running race will pass along the Paseo Marítimo, with 10 km for the Olympic participants, and 21 km for the Half distance.


Where can I stay for the Islantilla Triathlon?

The best accommodations with Cycling Friendly certification. Find your preferred accommodation!


Where to rent a bicycle?

 At Cycling Friendly we have a wide range of bicycles to rent for the Islantilla Triathlon. Find yours!

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Could you send me the track for cycling? Is it flat ?

Cycling Friendly

Cycling Friendly

Hi Viktoria,

Unfortunately we can’t send you the track because this year this triathlon will not be celebrated. You could check for some cycling routes in Islantilla by checking our routes section:

You can check

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