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Triatlón Desafío Castilla y León

04/08/2024 10:00 pm









The Desafío Castilla y León, a triathlon organised by the Desafío Sports Club and Castilla y León Triathlon Federation, in collaboration with the Medina de Rioseco City Council and the Valladolid Provincial Council is scheduled on 5th August 2023. This triathlon can be done in both Half and Short distance. 

The stage

The swimming segment takes place in the Canal de Castilla, in the municipality of Medina de Rioseco with a distance of 1.9 km in the case of the Half distance, and 1.4 in the Short distance.

In the case of the cycling segment, it is a round trip of 3 laps, starting from the Colegio Campos Góticos, from where you leave Medina de Rioseco through the old Puerta de San Sebastián. From here you continue on the VP-4504 highway until it intersects with the VA-920 highway where you turn right towards the town of Tamariz de Campos. Before the town of Tamariz de Campos, take the VP-4008 road for 4.5 km, where the 180º turn is located. The return route will be the same for the opposite lane. Tamariz de Campos will not be cut off from vehicle access in any way since it is accessible by the N610 and the VP-4007 which coincides with the 100m cycle route. This coincidence will be controlled to allow the passage of vehicles when there are no triathletes in this area of the circuit. The drafting penalty box area will be located on the cut line at the entrance to transition T2. In the case of the short distance triathlon, it will consist of 1 lap of 30 km.

Finally, the running segment will consist of 4 laps to cover the 21 km, taking the towpaths of the canal on both sides, the street of the docks, the Dársena del Canal de Castilla park and the municipal sports center. The finish line will be located at the municipal football field, next to the bleachers of the municipal football field.


Registrations for the Triathlon Desafío Castilla y León vary between 80 euros and 125 euros in the half distance triathlon, varying depending on when the registration is formalized and whether the participant is federated or non-federated. The half distance triathlon has a limit of 80 participants, and the short distance, 70 participants. In the case of the short distance triathlon, the prices vary from 35 to 55 euros.

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