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Xcorial Xtreme

24/09/2023 10:00 pm









On September 26, 2023, Madrid will host the third edition of the Xcorial Xtreme, a non-competitive cyclosportive race. Starting in El Escorial and arrival in San Lorenzo del Escorial, its 119 km will delight pedal enthusiasts who want to cycle the provinces of Madrid and Segovia in a unique way.

What is the Xcorial Xtreme route?

119 km with 2,500 m of positive slope, thanks to its 4 mountain passes: Guadarrama, Los Ángeles de San Rafael, Navacerrada and La Penosilla.

The official start will take place on Sunday at 8:30 am from Plaza España in El Escorial, Madrid, and here is the route:

  • Km 0: Start: El Escorial – Plaza de España
  • Km 3: M-600
  • Km 12: Guadarrama – N-VI (Start of timed section)
  • Km 19: Puerto de Guadarrama (End of timed section)
  • Km 25: San Rafael – N-603 (Solid and liquid provisioning)
  • km 34: Los Ángeles de San Rafael
  • Km 50: Revenga
  • Km 52: Road to San Ildefonso o la Granja
  • Km 57: Road to Valsaín
  • Km 63: Valsaín – Pradera del Navalhorno (Provisioning: liquid)
  • Km 75: Puerto de Navacerrada (Solid and liquid provisioning)
  • Km 84: M-614 to Guadarrama
  • Km 89: Av. Cañada Real – to Los Molinos
  • Km 90: Los Molinos – M-521
  • Km 91: M-522 to Guadarrama
  • Km 94: Guadarrama – M622
  • Km 97: M-600 to San Lorenzo de El Escorial
  • Km 103: Road to Tomillar
  • Km 107: Climb to Penosilla (Liquid provisioning)
  • Km 119-Arrival: San Lorenzo de El Escorial – Avenida de Juan de Borbón y Battenberg

Although the entire race is speed controlled, the organizers have set up two timed sections on the climbs to Guadarrama and Navacerrada. The race is open to traffic. It is therefore necessary to respect the traffic rules throughout the route.

There will be four refreshment posts along the race at San Rafael (Km 25), Pradera del Navalhorno (Km 63), Puerto de Navacerrada (Km 76), Puerto de la Penosilla (Km 106), plus a refreshment post at the end of the race. There will also be two regrouping points, one at Plaza de San Rafael and the other at Puerto de Navacerrada, coinciding with two of the refreshment points.

Registration price for the Xcorial Xtreme?

The registration price for the third edition of the Xcorial Xtreme will be 50 euros for federated cyclists and 60 euros for non-federated cyclists. The inscription includes a GOBIK jersey. To register, from 18 yrs.

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