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HARDBIKE is a cycling competition designed to push you to the limit during 4 intense days of mountain biking in the most spectacular landscapes of the Val d’Aran.

With our motto “GO HARDBIKE OR GO HOME”, we challenge you to face steep slopes and winding trails that will lead you to explore the limits of your endurance, while enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds each section.

In this fourth edition, we have introduced some exciting new features, especially in the stage locations, now circular so that you can explore the three different areas of the Val d’Aran: Baish Aran, Mijaran and Naut Aran.

The stages will take place from 20 to 23 June, taking advantage of the time of year when the Val d’Aran is in all its splendour, with lush green and rivers brimming with water, vital elements that give life to the entire region. In addition, you will have the longest daylight of the year, guaranteeing ideal weather conditions to enjoy the afternoons with the family after the intense mornings of mountain biking.

If you are passionate about MTB and the challenges that trail cycling offers, there is no better plan for these dates.

Get ready to live a unique experience with HARDBIKE, a competition that has its own essence, just like the Val d’Aran. Don’t miss it!

Information and images provided by Ara Lleida.

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