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Located near the Mediterranean Sea, the Hotel Intur Bonaire stands as the preferred retreat for both groups of cycling enthusiasts and professional athletes. This enclave offers you the opportunity to indulge in your passion for cycling year-round in an intimate environment that exudes quality and comfort.

The Hotel Intur Bonaire shares its excellent sports facilities with the Hotel Intur Orange, which is just 200 meters away. These facilities include a modern professional cycling center, an enclosed space where you can store, clean, and repair your bike during your stay, a gym equipped with Technogym professional-grade equipment, and a 25-meter heated swimming pool, perfect for relaxation after an intense day of cycling or triathletes training.

Starting in January 2024, the Hotel Intur Bonaire will expand its offerings to include 6 hypoxic rooms designed to provide you with the experience of resting at altitude conditions while enjoying all the comforts of a four-star hotel. These cutting-edge rooms represent our commitment to providing you with exceptional quality service, backed by the latest technological innovations. Furthermore, its privileged location just steps from the sea and surrounded by majestic mountains gives you unparalleled access to high, medium, and low-intensity cycling routes.

Discover why the cycling elite chooses Benicasim for their training camps. Immerse yourself in a complete cycling experience on the shores of the Mediterranean, where the tradition of hosting champions combines with the natural beauty and diversity of routes to create the perfect setting for your two-wheeled adventures.

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