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Located in the charming Mediterranean town of Benicasim, Hotel Intur Orange stands out for its extensive experience in catering to both amateur and elite cyclists. This establishment has been the official accommodation for sports competitions such as the prestigious Vuelta España in various editions. This choice is no coincidence, as Hotel Intur Orange offers a complete range of specialized services that make cyclists feel right at home.

One of the cornerstones of the cycling experience at Hotel Intur Orange is its modern professional cycling center, which provides a secure, enclosed, and monitored space to store your bicycles during your stay. Additionally, it boasts a first-class gym equipped with professional Technogym machinery, where you can maintain your physical fitness in optimal condition. And for those moments of relaxation and recovery, we have an exquisite 25-meter indoor pool where you can immerse yourself and revitalize after your intense cycling days.

The province of Castellón, where Hotel Intur Orange is located, is a paradise for cycling enthusiasts, as it enjoys a mild climate throughout the year. Furthermore, it offers a variety of cycling routes, from flat terrain to those in medium and high mountains, with low traffic density and well-maintained roads, ensuring a safe and rewarding experience with every pedal.

Discover why the cycling elite chooses Benicasim for their training camps. Immerse yourself in a complete cycling experience on the shores of the Mediterranean, where the tradition of hosting champions combines with the natural beauty and diversity of routes to create the perfect setting for your two-wheeled adventures.

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