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Journey from San Sebastian to Bilbao by bike


Journey from San Sebastian to Bilbao by bike: Explore the enchanting Basque Country region through a thrilling bike ride, following the spectacular coastline from San Sebastian to Bilbao and delighting in exquisite local cuisine along the way.

This bike ride gives you the opportunity to enjoy both the countryside and the coast of the Basque Country. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the sea, discover stunning beaches, take in captivating landscapes, and visit picturesque fishing villages that look like something out of a fairy tale.

The itinerary will also take you to the two most exciting cities in the region: San Sebastian and Bilbao. San Sebastian, known worldwide for its gastronomic tourism, is home to more Michelin stars per square meter than any other place in the world. It is the cradle of the “new Basque cuisine” movement and offers pleasure to locals and visitors with its high-quality ingredients and the famous “pintxos” throughout the year. The beautiful bay of San Sebastian, called the Pearl of the Bay of Biscay, with its location in front of the sea and sheltered by mountains, has made it a first-class tourist destination for two centuries.

Bilbao, the capital of Bizkaia, is a prominent economic and cultural centre in northern Spain, internationally recognised for its architecture, with the Guggenheim Museum being its main attraction. However, Bilbao offers much more, both inside and outside the city, with interesting sites. Its strategic position makes it an ideal port of entry for other regions in the north of the Iberian Peninsula and southwestern France.

Trip Highlights:

  • Charming villages of Mundaka, Lekeitio, Zumaia and Plentzia.
  • Unspoilt beaches that will tempt you in every corner.
  • Hospitality and friendliness from the local people, as well as in hotels and restaurants.
  • Scenic routes that will captivate you.
  • High-quality dining experience.

Package Includes:

  • Accommodation in a double room with continental breakfast.
  • Detailed information with route book and maps.
  • Luggage shuttle service between hotels.
  • Partial transportation on the second day.

Not included:

  • Lunches and dinners.
  • Bike rental.

Embark on this exciting cycling adventure and discover the best of the Basque Country!


Day 1: San Sebastian/Donostia

 Accommodation: Hotel Codina 

Arrival in San Sebastian today is free. Take the afternoon to explore the city center and the spectacular La Concha beach, just a few minutes' walk from your hotel. We recommend trying 'pintxos' at any of the numerous bars in the area. 'Pintxo' is a Basque version of the Spanish word 'pincho,' which, in turn, comes from the verb 'pinchar.' They are small appetizers served in bars and taverns throughout the Basque Country and form the backbone of Basque culinary culture. 

Day 2: San Sebastian – Zumaia

Route: 35 km

Elevation: +650 m

Accommodation: Hotel Flysch 

This morning, meet our local partner Miguel in the lobby of your hotel. He will adjust your bike and provide the maps and documents you need for the week. Starting from San Sebastian on a bike, you'll head out of the city into the rich Basque countryside that surrounds it. With stunning views of lush green landscapes and the Bay of Biscay, you'll ride along the coast through Zarautz and the charming fishing port of Getaria before reaching Zumaia. 

Your hotel tonight boasts fabulous sea views and has a relaxing spa where we recommend the circuit to loosen your muscles after your first day of cycling. 


Day 3: Zumaia – Lekeitio

Route: 38 km

Elevation: +600 m

Accommodation: Hotel Silken Palacio Uribarren 

From the coastal town of Zumaia, pedal through the countryside before returning to the coast and passing through the picturesque fishing village of Ondarroa to your final destination, another charming fishing port, the town of Lekeitio. 


Day 4: Lekeitio – Mundaka

Route: 46 km

Elevation: +780 m

Accommodation: Hotel Atalaya 

From Lekeitio, today's journey heads inland until reaching the Bay of Guernica. From there, follow the Mundaka River to Guernica, the historical capital of Biscay and infamous for Picasso's painting. After a stop in Guernica, continue on the other side of the Mundaka River until reaching the city where you'll spend the night. 

Day 5: Mundaka – Plentzia

 Route: 38 km

Elevation: +830 m

Accommodation: Hotel Bahia 

Today, depart Mundaka for the fishing town of Bermeo, where a brief stop to explore the city is recommended. Your bike route continues along roads with sea views and an excellent glimpse of the beautiful San Juan de Gaztelugatxe island before arriving in Bakio. Here, a visit to the Txacoli Museum is recommended, with the entry ticket and wine tasting included in the tour price. Next, you'll arrive at your destination, the town of Plentzia, and your charming hotel by the fishing port. 


Day 6: Plentzia – Bilbao

Route: 28 km

Elevation: +240 m

Accommodation: Hotel Hesperia Bilbao 

Your last journey of the week takes you to the city of Bilbao, the largest in the province. Leaving the coast, you'll arrive in the city via a mix of paths and bike trails leading you directly to the heart of the city along the river, where the impressive architecture of Frank Gehry's Guggenheim Museum will welcome you. 

Take the afternoon to explore this stunning structure and then go for a nighttime stroll through the city's old town for a final farewell with a glass of white wine, "txakoli." 


Day 7: Bilbao

 After breakfast, the trip concludes. You can extend your stay in Bilbao or visit the beautiful city of Vitoria, not far from Bilbao, which also boasts a long history reflected in the beauty of its streets. 


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